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Intelligent automation solutions using electrics and pneumatics
Intelligent automation solutions using electrics and pneumatics 18.3.2019 Product overview from the control to the field level

Controls, Controller, Drives, axes, cylinder, operation, visualisation, front unit, gripper, sensors, air preparation, accessories, customer solutions, handling systems

Declaration of conformity ATEX 9.3.2019 ATEX

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  • balancer kit YHBP- (8087218)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-100- - (1646799)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-125- - (2045493)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-160- - (2036032)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-200- - (2344936)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-250- - (2732003)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-32- - (1634484)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-320- - (2776472)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-40- - (1645477)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-50- - (1646707)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-63- - (1646738)
  • standards-based cylinder DSBG-...-80- - (1646769)
Perustuoteluettelo: Tehdas- ja prosessiautomaatiotuotteet
Perustuoteluettelo: Tehdas- ja prosessiautomaatiotuotteet 30.1.2019

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More productivity with optimally cushioned pneumatic cylinders
More productivity with optimally cushioned pneumatic cylinders White paper

With the right end-position cushioning, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your entire pneumatic system.

When used to its full effect, it can improve cycle times and even reduce the size of the components used.


And all this for the simple reason that good end-position cushioning decreases the impact forces generated by changing loads and extreme dynamic stress – factors that play a crucial role in defining the travel time and speed of pneumatic cylinders.

PPS Flyer "Less is more."
PPS Flyer "Less is more." The future of standard cylindes.

Here you will see, why standard cylinders now stand for: "Less is more." 

Assembly instructions DPNC-EN Assembly - Multi-position kit

Associated products

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  • Multi-position kit DPNC-125 (174424)
  • Multi-position kit DPNC-32 (174418)
  • Multi-position kit DPNC-40 (174419)
  • Multi-position kit DPNC-50 (174420)
  • Multi-position kit DPNC-63 (174421)
  • Multi-position kit DPNC-80 (174422)
  • Multi-position kit DPNG-100 (159490)
  • Multi-position kit DPNG-32 (159485)
  • Multi-position kit DPNG-40 (159486)
  • Multi-position kit DPNG-50 (159487)
  • Multi-position kit DPNG-63 (159488)
  • Multi-position kit DPNG-80 (159489)
  • Multi-position kit DPNN-100 (13473)
  • Multi-position kit DPNN-32 (13468)
  • Multi-position kit DPNN-40 (13469)
  • Multi-position kit DPNN-50 (13470)
  • Multi-position kit DPNN-63 (13471)
  • Multi-position kit DPNN-80 (13472)
  • PNEUMATIC-SATZ TEST VERTR. 063895 (122001)
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