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Documentation VOFD-L50T-M32-_-F10-EN 25.7.2018 Operating - Safety related

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  • Valve VOFD-L50T- (3212962)
  • Valve VOFD-L50T-M32-MN-FG14-10-F10 (4514999)
  • Valve VOFD-L50T-M32-MN-FGP14-10-F10 (4515000)
  • Valve VOFD-L50T-M32-MN-G14-10-F10 (4514997)
  • Valve VOFD-L50T-M32-MN-G14-10-R1-F10 (4515019)
  • Valve VOFD-L50T-M32-MN-N14-10-F10 (4514998)
  • Valve VOFD-L50T-M32-MN-N14-10-R1-F10 (4515018)
Text for invitation to tender - Namur pilot valve VOFD
Text for invitation to tender - Namur pilot valve VOFD 29.11.2017
Quick Order Sheet VOFC-VOFD EN
Quick Order Sheet VOFC-VOFD EN 29.11.2017 Extremely sturdy and corrosion-resistant: Solenoid valves VOFC/VOFD and solenoid coils VACC

Number one choice as a control valve:
Designed for the toughest demands – even in extreme environments.
Certificates, expert opinions and testimonials demonstrate that the solenoid
valves are suitable for the toughest demands when it comes to operational
safety, availability and flexibility in use. Even outdoors and in difficult
ambient conditions. The world’s most widely recognised ignition protection
types are offered: Ex e mb, Ex ia, Ex db und Ex d.

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Pilot valves VOFC/VOFD
Pilot valves VOFC/VOFD
Solenoid valves for high safety and reliability requirements
Solenoid valves for high safety and reliability requirements Top quality!

Festo already has a formidable range. And in future it will be even better. Festo continuously develops and expands its range of valves for process automation. And the range is top quality, especially in the area of solenoid valves and their accessories. So you can control actuators safely and reliably. And you can operate them in outdoor areas without any problem, even in safety circuits up to SIL 3 or in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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