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Washdown SBSx vision sensor enclosure
Washdown SBSx vision sensor enclosure
Smart Camera SBRD
Smart Camera SBRD Fast and reliable inspection!

The smart camera SBRD is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Its high-resolution USB cameras, the specially designed machine vision controller and the powerful image processing software open up new options in automation and robotics. All with tried-and-tested performance from Festo.

Sensors Overview of sensors

Proximity sensors, position transmitters, pressure and vacuum sensors, flow sensors, inductive proximity switches and sensors, optical sensors, compact vision systems, connection technology, industry-specific sensors

Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N
Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N Camera-based sorting, inspecting and counting of assembly

The CHB-C-N is an intelligent system with adaptive workpiece flow control and optical workpiece identification. It sorts small parts according to type, orientation, quality as well as quantity. It is particularly suitable for trouble-free feeding of small parts to automatic assembly and production machines, especially in cases with high part rates and a large number of workpiece types.

Sensors - Vision systems
Sensors - Vision systems Complete program of all sensors and vision systems

Proximity sensors, position sensors, signal converters, pressure and vacuum sensors, flow sensors, inductive sensors, opto-electronic sensors, air gap sensors, sensor boxes, vision systems for function monitoring,orientation and quality inspection; connecting cables, plug connectors, sensor testers

Que faut-il savoir pour la mise en oeuvre de produits Festo?
Que faut-il savoir pour la mise en oeuvre de produits Festo?
Sensors and vision systems from Festo
Sensors and vision systems from Festo
Consignes d'élimination
Consignes d'élimination
Vérin à double piston DGTZ
Vérin à double piston DGTZ Compact et durable

Augmenter la productivité de nos clients est un objectif cher à Festo. Vous nous avez fait part de points d'amélioration. Comme solution pour répondre à vos exigences, nous avons développé le DGTZ, un vérin à double piston, avec une compacité optimale.

Key Products for North American
Key Products for North American

Previously being our Focus Product brochure, Festo North America presents our Key Products for North America brochure.  This brochure stars our key product for the year pertinent to the North American Region.

Adaptive shape gripper DHEF Gentle gripping

It was inspired by nature. Nature has come up with a solution with

which very different objects of prey can be grasped using just a single

principle. This principle can now also be used on your factory

floor and for your applications.

Compact cylinder ADN-…-C (ISO),
Compact cylinder ADN-…-C (ISO), Newly designed output

When space is tight, when saving every gram counts and when only

the most essential features are required, the ADN-...C is the perfect

fit. Its sturdy design to ISO and more than 350 variants in a wide

range of sizes, lengths and cushioning options make it an extremely

attractive option for many applications.

Round cylinders DSNU-S-..., DSNU-...
Round cylinders DSNU-S-..., DSNU-... Space savers - Ideal for small spaces

ISO standards-based DSNU or the smaller and even slimmer DSNU-S?

The round cylinder DSNU is always a solid choice when it comes

to performance and compact dimensions. Its universal variants make

it ideal in applications where low friction, chemical resistance or

corrosion resistance are required.

Highlights 2020
Highlights 2020 Digitalisation – the key to increased productivity

With this issue of Highlights 2020, you are holding a kind of compass

in your hand. It will show you where the path with Festo might take

you this year.

You will see the first results in our core product range. Numerous new

components like the mini slide DGST or the compact cylinder ADN-S

are useful additions to the portfolio.

A central theme for us is connectivity at all possible levels:

mechanical, electrical and software.

PSI_148_3_DACS_en_V02 Holding brake DACS / Cylinder with holding brake DFLC/DFLG

From 100 to zero in the shortest possible time thanks to the operating

mode of this holding brake, which enables braking procedures

especially for safety applications. As soon as a signal is received,

the through piston rod comes to a halt, despite the load and full


Electric Automation
Electric Automation Product Selection Overview
The Festo Core Product Range
The Festo Core Product Range Worldwide available, quickly delivered, priceattractive

Covers 80% of your automation tasks

The Festo Core Product Range
The Festo Core Product Range Worldwide available, quickly delivered, priceattractive

Covers 80% of your automation tasks

Electronic proximity switch SDBT-MSX
Electronic proximity switch SDBT-MSX Extremely easy commissioning with Auto teach-in

The first proximity switch with automatic switching point setting

makes commissioning easier than ever before. With its detection

range of 20 mm, it is easy and reliable to install, especially in appli


where mounting is difficult. SDBT-MSX is ideal for all standard

applications, especially in factory automation and the electronics

industry/small parts handling.

Focus Product Brochure
Focus Product Brochure
Pince adaptative DHEF
Pince adaptative DHEF Tout en douceur

Inspirée par la nature. Dans la nature, c'est une solution permettant

de saisir des proies très diversifiées avec un seul principe. Vous

pouvez maintenant utiliser ce principe dans votre usine et votre


Tubing and Fittings Quick Reference
Tubing and Fittings Quick Reference Metric & Inch
Automation Technology
Automation Technology Pneumatic and electrical components
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Servopneumatic positioning systems
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Motors and controllers
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Pneumatic connection technology
  • Electrical connection technology
  • Control technology and software
  • Other pneumatic devices
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Services
Energy Efficiency@Festo
Energy Efficiency@Festo Des solutions pour un avenir rentable et durable

Notre mission: une gestion économique durable et une valorisation à long terme pour nos clients, notre entreprise, nos employés et nos partenaires.

Catalogue produits
Catalogue produits
Process Automation
Process Automation Product Overview
Process Automation
Process Automation Product Overview
Spare parts catalogue
Spare parts catalogue Spare parts finder for configured products like valve terminals and service units
ZDL Drip leg
ZDL Drip leg Product Short Information
Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
  • Use, storage and transport conditions for Festo products
  • Standards in pneumatics
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Operating conditions for valves
  • Port designations of pneumatic components to ISO 5599
  • Operating conditions for drives
  • Pressure/force table and graphBuckling load graph
  • Air consumption
  • Pneumatics and explosion protection – ATEX
  • EC directives/approvals
  • Design – Clean room suitability
  • Paint-wetting impairment substances and resistance to media
  • Corrosion resistance class CRC
  • Protection classes according to IEC/EN 60529
  • Functional earth – protective earth – PELV
  • Spark arresting
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