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Smart Camera SBRD
Smart Camera SBRD Fast and reliable inspection!

The smart camera SBRD is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Its high-resolution USB cameras, the specially designed machine vision controller and the powerful image processing software open up new options in automation and robotics. All with tried-and-tested performance from Festo.

Sensors Overview of sensors

Proximity sensors, position transmitters, pressure and vacuum sensors, flow sensors, inductive proximity switches and sensors, optical sensors, compact vision systems, connection technology, industry-specific sensors

Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N
Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N Camera-based sorting, inspecting and counting of assembly

The CHB-C-N is an intelligent system with adaptive workpiece flow control and optical workpiece identification. It sorts small parts according to type, orientation, quality as well as quantity. It is particularly suitable for trouble-free feeding of small parts to automatic assembly and production machines, especially in cases with high part rates and a large number of workpiece types.

Sensors - Vision systems
Sensors - Vision systems Complete program of all sensors and vision systems

Proximity sensors, position sensors, signal converters, pressure and vacuum sensors, flow sensors, inductive sensors, opto-electronic sensors, air gap sensors, sensor boxes, vision systems for function monitoring,orientation and quality inspection; connecting cables, plug connectors, sensor testers

Que faut-il savoir pour la mise en oeuvre de produits Festo?
Que faut-il savoir pour la mise en oeuvre de produits Festo?
Sensors and vision systems from Festo
Sensors and vision systems from Festo
Consignes d'élimination
Consignes d'élimination
Livre blanc
Livre blanc Quelques points à considérer pour choisir des actionneurs à guidage ou chariots pneumatiques

Ce document technique traite des sujets suivants :



• Le fonctionnement des actionneurs à guidage et des chariots pneumatiques

• Pneumatique ou électrique ? Là où la pneumatique excelle

• Actionneur à guidage ou chariot, lequel choisir?

• Possibilités de personnalisation: roulements, amortisseurs et plus

• Modèles pour situations particulières

• Dimensionnement de l’actionneur ou du chariot pour votre application

Stopper cylinder DFST
Stopper cylinder DFST Well-timed stopping

The new DFST with cushioning is ideal wherever objects on transfer

or conveyor systems in the automotive industry, small parts

assembly, the wood or electronics industry have to be stopped,

separated or synchronised. The many versions effortlessly

handle heavy and sensitive workpieces, pallets, etc. – and at a

reasonable price.

Smartenance – l’application de gestion de la maintenance digitale via dispositifs mobiles
Smartenance – l’application de gestion de la maintenance digitale via dispositifs mobiles Plus rapide et plus facile...

Passez au digital ! Maintenant ! Le gestionnaire de maintenance digitale destiné aux responsables de production et aux opérateurs système assure enfin la gestion de la maintenance sans papier. Smartenance offre un plan et une évaluation clairs de la maintenance de votre système et vous permet de procéder à une transition facile et rapide vers la maintenance digitale.

Highlights 2019
Highlights 2019 Digitalisation – the key to increased productivity

With this issue of Highlights 2019, you are holding a kind of compass

in your hand. It will show you where the path with Festo might take

you this year.

You will see the first results in our core product range. Numerous new

components like the mini slide DGST or the compact cylinder ADN-S

are useful additions to the portfolio.

A central theme for us is connectivity at all possible levels:

mechanical, electrical and software.

Automation Technology
Automation Technology Pneumatic and electrical components
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Servopneumatic positioning systems
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Motors and controllers
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Pneumatic connection technology
  • Electrical connection technology
  • Control technology and software
  • Other pneumatic devices
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Services
Energy Efficiency@Festo
Energy Efficiency@Festo Des solutions pour un avenir rentable et durable

Notre mission: une gestion économique durable et une valorisation à long terme pour nos clients, notre entreprise, nos employés et nos partenaires.

Catalogue produits
Catalogue produits
Spare parts catalogue
Spare parts catalogue Spare parts finder for configured products like valve terminals and service units
Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
Disponible en stock partout dans le monde : la gamme standard Festo
Disponible en stock partout dans le monde : la gamme standard Festo Les stars de la pneumatique
"Les stars de la pneumatique" - nouvelle gamme standard de Festo, Easy Clip
Safety@Festo Poster
Safety@Festo Poster
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