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Bionics / Future Concepts Projects 2013
Bionics / Future Concepts Projects 2013 Presentation

Bionics / Future Concepts Projects 2013

SupraMotion Potential for resource-efficient industrial automation

Resistance-free with superconductivity

Superconductors are metals, metal compounds or ceramic

materials that have a very special characteristic: their electrical

resistance suddenly drops to zero when cooled to below a

certain temperature. Once this transition temperature has been

reached, mutually repulsing electrons bind to form what are

called Cooper pairs.

This cancels out the mechanism of electrical resistance. When a

voltage is applied, the pairs conduct the electrical current without

any resistance and without losses. Once the electrical current

is put into motion, it flows uninterrupted in a closed circuit. The

magnetic fields that are generated in this way deliver a very high

energy yield.

LearningGripper Gripping and positioning through independent learning

The LearningGripper from Festo looks like an abstract form of

the human hand. The four fingers of the gripper are driven by

12 pneumatic bellows actuators with low-level pressurisation.

Thanks to the process of machine learning, it is able to teach itself

to carry out complex actions such as, for example, gripping and

positioning an object.

WaveHandling Modular conveyor with intelligent subsystems

The WaveHandling system from Festo is a pneumatic conveyor for

the targeted transportation and simultaneous sorting of objects.

It consists of numerous bellows modules that deform the surface,

creating a wave motion that transports the objects in a targeted


BionicOpter Lightweight design with intelligent kinematics

The mechanics of dragonfly flight are unique: dragonflies can man


oeuvre in all directions, glide without having to beat their wings

and hover in the air. Their ability to move their two pairs of wings

independently enables them to slow down and turn abruptly, to



accelerate swiftly and even to fly backwards.

ExoHand Animation


ExoHand Video film


PowerGripper Animation


SmartInversion Animation


Sound Machines 2.0
Sound Machines 2.0 Video film

Sound Machines 2.0

SmartInversion Video film


PowerGripper Video film


CogniGame Video film


Bionic Handling Assistant 3.0
Bionic Handling Assistant 3.0 Video film

Bionic Handling Assistant 3.0

Electric Dragon
Electric Dragon Video film

Electric Dragon

Bionic Learning Network 2009
Bionic Tripod 3.0 Film
SmartBird Film
SmartBird Animation
Robotino® XT Animation
Modular Lightweight Handling
Bionic Tripod 2.0
Energy efficiency
Bionic Handling Assitant Film
Bionic Handling Assistant Animation
Bionic Learning Network 2010 Film on the projects 2010
Modular lightweight handling
performance 2007; 5.24 min
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