Safety Sub-Functions Pneumatic
Safety Sub-Functions Pneumatic
SDI, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c

Application Note for the realization of the safety sub-functions safe direction (SDI) and prevention of an unexpected start-up (PUS) with category 1 and up to PL c. This Application Note contains possible circuits for monostable 5/2 directional control valves.

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Application Note Sicherheits-Teilfunktionen Pneumatik
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Application Note - Safety sub-functions Pneumatic:

SDI category 1, up to PL c;
PUS category 1, up to PL c

Application Note - Sicherheits-Teilfunktionen Pneumatik:

SDI Kategorie 1, bis zu PL c;
PUS Kategorie 1, bis zu PL c