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Automation Technology
Automation Technology Pneumatic and electrical components
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Servopneumatic positioning systems
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Motors and controllers
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Pneumatic connection technology
  • Electrical connection technology
  • Control technology and software
  • Other pneumatic devices
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Services
All set for automation with IO-Link
All set for automation with IO-Link Point-to-point!

Standardised IO-Link technology (IEC 61131-9) makes communication with sensors and actuators simple and economical. The result of an evolutionary development, this low-cost connection technology with three or five conductors achieves point-to-point connection without complex wiring and with minimal material requirements.

Small parts assembly and electronic industry
Small parts assembly and electronic industry Pneumatic and electrical components
Selected products. Your partner for factory and process automation
Selected products. Your partner for factory and process automation
Filling and packaging - Thimonnier
Filling and packaging - Thimonnier Article from customer magazine tia 2.2017

Filling and packaging with IO-Link

Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX.
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX. Automation platform

CPX is ideal as automation platform, valve terminal partner or remote I/O - it is electric, open and direct. It is also the perfect platform for electrical peripherals. With CPX, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards.

Decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I
Decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I Connectivity in real time

The new I/O system in IP65/IP67 enables powerful I/O modules and existing valve terminal interfaces to be integrated in the most important host systems. Based on the innovative AP system communication from Festo, CPX-AP-I ensures continuous communication from the workpiece to the cloud – tailored to your needs!

Kitchen unit production - nobilia / Hüttenhölscher
Kitchen unit production - nobilia / Hüttenhölscher Article from customer magazine 1.2018

Fully automated assembly system with IO-Link®

Highlights 2019
Highlights 2019 Digitalisation – the key to increased productivity

With this issue of Highlights 2019, you are holding a kind of compass

in your hand. It will show you where the path with Festo might take

you this year.

You will see the first results in our core product range. Numerous new

components like the mini slide DGST or the compact cylinder ADN-S

are useful additions to the portfolio.

A central theme for us is connectivity at all possible levels:

mechanical, electrical and software.

Factory Automation:
Factory Automation: Learning systems and services for basic and further training

Today’s advanced manufacturing industry relies heavily on mechatronics and automation technologies, making these technologies fast-growing career fields.

Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX
Flow Sensor SFAH PSI
Flow Sensor SFAH PSI
Product Overview for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry
Product Overview for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry

Systems, solutions and expertise for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry

Copper-free pneumatic and electrical components
Copper-free pneumatic and electrical components Secondary battery manufacturing industry

Many of Festo’s products are inherently free of copper. For example guides are made essentially of polymer. In order to be able to offer customers who manufacture lithium-ion batteries as many components as possible from our product range, we have optimised products specifically for use in this field – and we have replaced parts that contain copper with copper-free elements.

Electric automation
Electric automation Electric automation without compromise

Put your trust in a partner who has been setting technological standards for decades. Whether in pneumatic or electric automation. And don't expect anything less than a complete package, from mechanical systems to integrated motion control solutions and subsystems.

Modular control system CPX-E
Modular control system CPX-E Powerful!

Designed as an EtherCAT® master controller and motion controller
with protection to IP20, the powerful automation system CPX-E for
factory and process automation with NE21-specific certifications is
becoming the central control system for handling technology. Several
bus modules are available for the configuration as a compact and
low-cost remote I/O.

Product Overview
Product Overview
Proportional pressure regulator VPPM IO-Link
Proportional pressure regulator VPPM IO-Link Decentralised safety!

VPPM is the first proportional valve with IO-Link and I-Port connection technology. Its outstanding features include easy parameterisation

and stable data transmission. The high-speed COM3 data rate of 230 kB/s and cycle times of 0.4 ms mean that even complex data packets can be transmitted quickly and reliably.

Pressure Sensor SPAN
Pressure Sensor SPAN Extremely compact!

The attractively priced pressure sensor SPAN is amazingly flexible

thanks to switchable electrical outputs and a very wide range of options for pressure measurement ranges and pneumatic connections. The compact design of just 30 x 30 mm, the range of variants and the user-friendly menu navigation make the sensor suitable for every kind of application.

Flow sensor SFAW
Flow sensor SFAW Monitor liquid media

Ideal for monitoring cooling circuits, for example in welding guns in the automotive industry or in front-end applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The new fl ow sensor SFAW measures the fl ow rate, consumption and temperature of liquid media within the ranges of 1.8 … 32 l/min and 5 … 100 l/min.

Decentralised control concepts
Decentralised control concepts

Installation and control concepts are influencing each other more than ever before, especially as we move towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is only through effective interaction between these architectures that modular, flexible and adaptable production concepts with decentralised intelligence, pre-processing, autonomous machines or subsystems, cyber-physical systems – in other words, smart factories – will be successful.

Technology for education and science
Technology for education and science The current range of Festo Didactic products
FluidDraw P6 user manual
FluidDraw P6 user manual
Pressure sensor and pressure transmitter SPAU
Pressure sensor and pressure transmitter SPAU Maximum flexibility!

The sensor SPAU for pressure measurement, pressure monitoring and pressure sensing keeps pressure levels permanently under control, ensuring more productivity and process reliability. As well as quicker system commissioning.

Vacuum generator OVEM
Vacuum generator OVEM
Fieldbus Direct
Fieldbus Direct For extremely compact and space-saving communication
The ideal fieldbus solution for confined spaces
Simplified_Motion_Series Simplified functionality for simple movements.

The simplicity of pneumatics is now combined for the first time with the advantages of electric automation thanks to the Simplified Motion Series. These integrated drives are the perfect solution for all users who are looking for an electric alternative for very simple movement and positioning tasks, but don't want the commissioning process for traditional electric drive systems that can often be quite complex. Operation is simply based on the "plug and work" principle, without the need for any software. Digital I/O (DIO) and IO-Link are always automatically included – a product with two types of control as standard.

Secure your advantage and create new potential with proportional pneumatics
Secure your advantage and create new potential with proportional pneumatics

Your technological advantages in detail:

• Multi-sensor control for maximum precision

• Electrical and pneumatic function integration

and extensions with VPPM on CPX/MPA

• Variable pressure zone regulation for greater flexibility

• 3 presets for simple control

• Multiplexing with CPX/MPA

• External sensor input for VPPX

• VPPM IO-Link

• VPPL for higher pressures (10 ... 40 bar)

Position transmitter for T-slots SDAT-MHS
Position transmitter for T-slots SDAT-MHS Programmable

Whether it is for monitoring screwing in, riveting, ultrasonic welding, pressing or adhesive bonding processes, piston positions always need to be detected in order to ensure high repetition accuracy.

Now there is an inexpensive alternative to costly positional transducers or mechanical potentiometers: the programmable SDAT-MHS for analogue feedback signals.

Flow sensor SFAW
Flow sensor SFAW
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