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Digitalization in Pneumatics
Digitalization in Pneumatics Training Package TP 260
Fluid power
Fluid power Learning systems and services for basic and further training

Festo Didactic has set itself the goal of making learning even more effective, using its experience from 50 years of company history to develop learning solutions, as well as lab and workshop equipment for the training sector.

Fluid Power Training
Fluid Power Training Versatile Solutions for Essential Technologies

The future holds great challenges for workers dealing with hydraulics and pneumatics.

Make machines safer and easier to run.
Address inefficiencies.
Build smart components and applications.
Expand power density and energy storage.
Improve reliability.
Enhance redeployment capabilities.
Decrease size and weight.
Create hybrid systems.
Increase sustainability.
Reduce environmental impact.

TP 800 Mobile Hydraulics
TP 800 Mobile Hydraulics From industrial hydraulics to mobile systems

Mobile hydraulics learning system from Festo Didactic

Mobile hydraulics has many specific features which differ from conventional hydraulics. This subject is generally explained and taught directly on the vehicles concerned. But what about the cases in which hydraulic components or the vehicles themselves are not accessible or a complete system is too complex for didactic use?

Hydraulics Vocational and further training with Festo Didactic

Didactic plus

The workbooks accompanying the training packages contain projectoriented exercises of increasing complexity. There are also positional sketches, illustrations, videos, animations and cross-sectional drawings, which explain how things look in the real world. For a complete and expert treatment of the topic of hydraulics, the training also covers basic physics, technical calculations, safety, efficiency, analytical faultfinding and professional documentation. 


Practical basic and further training using industrial components provides the confidence to apply the acquired knowledge in the workplace. The components are specially selected for the exercises in the workbook. Note: nearly all hydraulic and electrical connections are located on the easily accessible upper side of the components.

FluidSIM® 5
FluidSIM® 5 Faster, bigger and to be used everywhere!
  • New software concept: one FluidSIM® for all technologies and training packages
  • Calculations and simulation for all technologies in the same program
  • All circuits can be read in all versions
  • Overall circuits can be represented on several sheets with cross references (P, H and E circuits)
  • Backwards compatible – automatic transfer of circuits from previous software versions
DSI TP 1312: Smart Sensors
DSI TP 1312: Smart Sensors
Industrial Networks and IT Security
Industrial Networks and IT Security Ensuring data security in communication with TP 1333
Machine Safety
Machine Safety Choosing safety elements with TP 1321 and applying them in accordance with the CE
Robotino 4
Robotino 4 The flexible mobile robotics platform in vocational training
Reference Projects Global Project Solutions
Reference Projects Global Project Solutions
Holistic and turnkey education solutions
Holistic and turnkey education solutions Laboratory and workshop equipment for science, technology, and education

Knowledge is a resource that gives a decisive advantage in international competition, and is a guarantor of success especially in demanding industry segments. In many cases, an employee's original expertise will no longer be sufficient to keep up with the latest developments in the working environment.
Investing early in basic and further training pays off in every possible way. The promotion of lifelong learning thus becomes your most productive long-term investment for the future.

Festo Didactic - Leadership in Technical Education
Festo Didactic - Leadership in Technical Education

As a global partner for educational institutions, governments, state organizations and companies around the world, we design and implement training centers and laboratories, educational equipment and programs that train people to perform in highly dynamic and complex environments.

Mind-Sight Learning Content Management System
Mind-Sight Learning Content Management System LabVolt Series 47513
Geothermal Training System
Geothermal Training System LabVolt Series 46126

Bring a Complete Geothermal Home Energy System to your Classroom

Vocational and Technical Training as a Key to Rehabilitation
Vocational and Technical Training as a Key to Rehabilitation

Education plays a major role in the after-correctional center life. Not only does it reduce the recidivism rate1 and improve life conditions on an individual basis, but it also reduces dependency on public assistance, cuts costs for the prison system, and increases positive contributions to society in general.

Technology for education and science
Technology for education and science The current range of Festo Didactic products
Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems
Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems A whole new range of possibilities

Origins of the LabVolt Series by Festo Didactic

For the last 50 years, Festo Didactic has been recognized worldwide for the development of high-quality, intuitive learning systems for technical education.

Festo Didactic further strengthened its leadership position as a worldwide supplier of technical education solutions through the acquisition of the US-Canadian manufacturer, Lab-Volt Systems, in June 2014. Lab-Volt’s portfolio of products is now part of the global offering of Festo Didactic and is referred to as the “LabVolt Series.”

FACT Festo Authorized and Certified Training Centre

FACT associates your institution with the Festo brand – recognized globally as standing for engineering excellence, innovation, and leadership in industrial training. And your customers are prepared to pay for quality and relevance.

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