Invitation to the Online Press Conference 2015 of Festo

Invitation to the Online Press Conference 2015 of Festo

Industry 4.0: The networking of the digital and real worlds in production
We cordially invite you to the Online Press Conference at 3.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 25th March 2015. www.festo.com/opc

The increasing volume of rapid networking at a technological and organisational level will be crucial in paving the way for more efficient value-added chains and product life cycles in future business models. The Hannover Messe 2015 trade fair is focusing on these challenges, among other topics, under the motto "Integrated Industry – Join the Network!" and is thus demonstrating the significance of the networked factory of the future.


Festo is examining transformation in production from various perspectives. These are to be presented at the Online Press Conference prior to the Hannover Messe. Along with its new bionics projects and Future Concepts, Festo is also giving an exclusive introduction to this year’s highlights from its trade fair presentation and is placing a great deal of attention on the partner country India as an important partner to industry. The Didactic unit is also demonstrating how the aspects of technical education are in line with the demands of Industry 4.0.


We cordially invite you to the Online Press Conference at 3.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 25th March 2015. You can register directly here: www.festo.com/opc


The topics in summary:


Partner country India: Festo is a reliable partner in industry and in education and training

For around 50 years, Festo has been a partner to Indian industry, which is relying to an increasing extent on automation technology; this country has one of the most strongly expanding national economies worldwide. The Global Production Centre Bangalore manufactures around 2,000 different products and components. Over 80 percent of its production is destined for the local Indian market. India is thus an important factor not only for Festo, but also for the global economy.

Speaker: Mr. Rashmikant Joshi, General Manager Festo India


Qualification 4.0: Education for production of the future

For countries with a high proportion of productive industry, the fourth phase of industrialisation is both a potential game-changer and an immense challenge. Education and training for dealing with the new technologies and the development of digital networks in production, sales and further areas will be a decisive factor for the enterprises of these countries over the coming years. Festo Didactic is the world market leader in technical education and offers integral solutions in education and training for Industry 4.0 to enterprises and universities throughout the world.

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Boese, Head of Festo Didactic


SupraMotion 3.0: Automation modules for movement in suspension

Superconductors are materials which below a certain temperature can "freeze" the field of a permanent magnet at a predefined distance and can thus hold it in suspension. Festo, the first supplier of automation technology to investigate this potential, is once more demonstrating three possible applications at the Hannover Messe 2015: the storage and movement of an object on suspended rollers; a suspended rotating conveyor shaft; and the active, controlled conveyance of a suspended magnetic object carrier from one superconductor automation module to the next.

Speaker: Mr. Georg Berner, Head of Strategic Corporate Development, Group Holding Festo


New features from the Bionic Learning Network in 2015: Networked and in cooperation

The projects of the Bionic Learning Network serve as development platforms that combine highly diverse technologies and components – from the production concepts, via the products, up to software and control engineering. By constantly optimising the individual technologies, Festo acquires multifaceted insights and approaches to solutions. This year’s projects illustrate in an entertaining way how the networked communication of individual systems can be fused into an intelligent overall system. Also being demonstrated is how a flexible and adaptable grasping mechanism from nature has found potential applications.

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Frontzek, Head of Corporate Communication, Festo AG


On conclusion of the conference, you will have the opportunity to ask the speakers questions online.


For the Online Press Conference and for registration, please visit www.festo.com/opc


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We are looking forward to your participation.

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