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Safety engineering guidelines
Safety engineering guidelines 2019-09-26 Pneumatic and electric solutions
Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2019-06-11 Learning solutions for basic and advanced training

The guide includes both CE and non-CE products (from the LabVolt Series).

Services and support for maximum added value
Services and support for maximum added value 2018-06-20 Worldwide, competent, to the point

Benefit globally from faster processes, lower costs and maximum reliability - thanks to our first-class products and comprehensive range of services and support, from engineering to operation and modernisation.

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Keyword: Productivity
Keyword: Productivity "We are the engineers of productivity"

Our world is in constant motion - As your partner in automation, we want to guide you on the route to higher performance and help you be more efficient.

The SLS-generated Soft Robotic Hand
The SLS-generated Soft Robotic Hand An Integrated Approach using Additive Manufacturing and Reinforcement Learning

To develop
a robotic system for a complex task
is a time- consuming process. Merging
methods available today, a new ap- proach for a faster realization of a multi-finger soft robotic hand is presented here. This
paper introduces a robotic hand with four fingers and 12 Degrees of Freedom
(DoFs) using bellow actuators. The hand is generated via Selective
Laser Sintering (SLS), an Additive Manufacturing method. The complex task execution of a specific action,
i.e. the lifting, rotating and precise positioning of a handling- object with this robotic hand, is used to structure
the whole develop- ment process. To
validate reliable functionality of the hand from the beginning, each development
stage is SLS-generated and the targeted task execution is trained
via Reinforcement Learning, a machine learning approach.
Optimization points are subsequently derived
and fed back into the hardware development. With this Concurrent
Engineering strategy a fast development of this robotic
hand is possible. The paper
outlines the relevant key strategies and gives insight into
the design process. At the end, the
final hand with its capabilities is presented and discussed.

D-AM1601 Intelligent parallel engine block assembly
D-AM1601 Intelligent parallel engine block assembly
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