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Documentation MS2-LFR-EN 01.07.2019 Assembly - Filter regulator

Associated products

  • filter regulator MS2-LFR-M5-D6-A8-C-M-B (8086643)
  • filter regulator MS2-LFR-M5-D6-AR-BAR-C-M-B (8086641)
  • filter regulator MS2-LFR-M5-D6-AR-MPA-C-M-B (8086642)
  • filter regulator MS2-LFR-QS6-D6-A8-C-M-B (8086646)
  • filter regulator MS2-LFR-QS6-D6-AR-BAR-C-M-B (8086644)
  • filter regulator MS2-LFR-QS6-D6-AR-MPA-C-M-B (8086645)
White Paper - Food Safety
White Paper - Food Safety 10.08.2018 Hygienic automation technology in food production

Protecting the consumer and the manufacturer’s brand are the key aspects of hygienic and efficient automation in food production. The aims are high productivity and perfect tasting food.

OEE – Increasing system efficiency
OEE – Increasing system efficiency 08.06.2018 Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The measure of a system’s value creation is its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This is determined by three factors: Availability – Performance – Quality

Looking at overall equipment effectiveness provides a clear indication of whether you can maximise productivity and thus make system operation even more economical.

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Valve terminal MPA – 3 variants, 3 x excellent
Valve terminal MPA – 3 variants, 3 x excellent Highly communicative!

Maximum function integration, many electrical connection options,

multi-pin plug, Festo I-Port, fi eldbus and a comprehensive diagnostics concept: that is the MPA. And it is extremely compact and has the latest valve technology.

  • New: MPA-C – hygienic
  • MPA-L – highly modular
  • MPA-S – communicative and with many functions


D-FB1601 Optimum food production
D-FB1601 Optimum food production
The perfect example of Clean Design: the valve terminal MPA-C
The perfect example of Clean Design: the valve terminal MPA-C

No matter how high your requirements are for valve terminals, MPA-C in Clean Design can meet them all. This valve terminal is particularly easy to clean and is resistant to corrosion and cleaning agents. What is more, it is available with degree of protection IP69K, a redundant seal system, FDA-compliant materials and NSF-H1 grease.

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