FCT - Festo Configuration Tool - PlugIn

configuration and start-up software for the par.kinematic: EXPT-..

  • FCT PlugIn CMMP-AS v1.4
  • FW CMMP-AS v3.5
  • FCT PlugIn CMXR-C1 v1.1.1.6
  • FCT PlugIn CMXR-C2 v1.1.2.40
  • Festo Configuration Tool v1.2
  • CoDeSys provided by Festo v2.3.9.28
  • TSP (CoDeSys Target Support Package) für CMXR-C2 v01.11
  • sample projects for EXPT-..

Supported systems:

  • Parallel kinematic (system) EXPT-120-E4 (569800)
  • Parallel kinematic (system) EXPT-45-E1 (569797)
  • Parallel kinematic (system) EXPT-70-E1 (569798)
  • Parallel kinematic (system) EXPT-95-E4 (569799)
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FCT - Festo Configuration Tool - PlugIn