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LUB-E1 (Elkalub GLS 993 H1)
LUB-E1 (Elkalub GLS 993 H1) 29/05/2019
The dock “thinks” for itself
The dock “thinks” for itself 23/05/2019 Decentralised Control in Bulk Material Handling

The world of bulk material handling seems easy at first glance: moving, filling, delivering. The art of dealing with a variety of different materials, however, lies in the details, such as the docking and undocking of containers at weighing stations. In the process, crosscontaminations

and the release of dusts can occur. AZO CleanDock prevents this

problem. Its latest generation can do even more: it “thinks” for itself. Directly attached to the dock, the integrated controller CEC of the modular electrical terminal CPX from Festo ensures additional process security and shortened commissioning times.

LUB-KC1 (Centoplex 2 EP)
LUB-KC1 (Centoplex 2 EP) 17/05/2019

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LifeTech - Technology for Life Sciences
LifeTech - Technology for Life Sciences Components for medical technology and laboratory automation

The healthcare sector worldwide is facing ever greater challenges – challenges that could also be addressed by industrial automation. Festo’s LifeTech division offers forward-looking answers as well as innovative solutions for medical technology and laboratory automation. Festo supports systems and equipment manufacturers by combining top quality with maximum efficiency in components and custom-specific solutions.

Product Service Life at Festo
Product Service Life at Festo Survival training for products from Festo – quality that ensures a long service life
OFSW-32 (Castrol Hyspin ZZ 32)
OFSW-32 (Castrol Hyspin ZZ 32)
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