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High speed 3 D Tracking with electric parallel kinematic robot EXPT and compact vision system SBO 2009; 0.56 min

Display PD7009, Products:  Parallel kinematic robot EXPT, Vision system SBO

Parallel kinematic robot EXPT: High-speed handling with vision and conveyer belt tracking 2010; 2.01 min

Display SA1009, Products: Parallel kinematic robot EXPT, Compact camera system SBOx-Q, Robotic controller CMXR, Motor controller CMMx-AS, Teach pendant CDSA

Pick and Place – Amax Automation AG
Pick and Place – Amax Automation AG Article from customer magazine 2.2014

Faster palletising with the delta robot EXPT

Study on parallel kinematic system with CPX/EMCA
Study on parallel kinematic system with CPX/EMCA Robotics without a control cabinet

Robotics is getting ready for Industry 4.0 with the high-speed handling system EXPT with CPX/EMCA. CPX control technology from Festo for an IP65/67 environment and the numerous functions included in the new “integrated drive” EMCA facilitate robotic functionality without a control cabinet that is close to revolutionary. The pioneering combination of standard and cost-effective components is further enhanced by the latest Festo hardware and software. And it offers even more:


Animation Tripod EXPT
Parallel kinematic robot EXPT - Assembly of relay contacts 2009, 2.16 min
Handling systems
Handling systems The whole range: standard, compact, highly dynamic and application specific

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications, from standard solutions for common applications through

to customised solutions. In addition, our ready-to-install systems, software and support services mean less work for you. We support you from the design stage through to installation and commissioning.

Sistemas de manipulação
Sistemas de manipulação Handling Guide Online
Pick and Place – Amax Automation AG
Pick and Place – Amax Automation AG Brief application example

 Multifunctional palletiserfor watch production

Parceiro na indústria de alimentos e bebidas
Parceiro na indústria de alimentos e bebidas

Seu objetivo: automação higiênica e eficiente
Nossa solução: parceria durante todo o processo de produção

Partner for laboratory automation
Partner for laboratory automation

The brochure points out the challenges laboratories are faced with.

Moreover, it shows Festo’s expertise in laboratory automation and gives a short overview of the portfolio.

3D Cocooner
3D Cocooner Bionic lattice structures from the robotic spinneret

The bionic 3D Cocooner spins complex and equally stable lattice structures out of a glass fibre thread – freely in space, without any support. 

WaveHandling Transporting and sorting in one

The pneumatic conveyor belt can transport objects in a targeted manner and sort them at the same time. It consists of numerous bellows modules that deform the surface creating a wave motion that transports the objects in a targeted manner.

Tecnologias da Automação
Tecnologias da Automação Pneumática e Eletrônica
Bionics / Future Concepts Projects 2013
Bionics / Future Concepts Projects 2013 Presentation

Bionics / Future Concepts Projects 2013

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 From vision to reality – Status 2019

Many concepts from the past have been overtaken by the fourth industrial revolution: business models, partnerships, customer interfaces, value chains, and even the traditional automation pyramid – all are undergoing huge change. As an innovator and trendsetter in fieldbus technology, Festo will make a major contribution to reshaping the future with new concepts for Industry 4.0.

Front Unit
Front Unit Your interface to the workpiece

Festo offers a wide range of

components for gripping, from

straightforward gripping movements

to components that

enable workpieces to be rotated,

screwed in, as well as for moving

the front-end unit.

Energy efficiency@Festo
Energy efficiency@Festo
Product Overview
Product Overview
Product Overview for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry
Product Overview for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry

Systems, solutions and expertise for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry

Small parts assembly and electronic industry
Small parts assembly and electronic industry Pneumatic and electrical components
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