Bionics4Education is winner of the Worlddidac Award 2018

Bionics4Education is winner of the Worlddidac Award 2018

Interactive education concept for the engineers of tomorrow
On 7th November 2018, Festo was awarded for the Worlddidac Award from the Worlddidac Association.

On 7th November 2018, Festo was awarded for the Worlddidac Award, an internationally recognised prize for educational resources, from the Worlddidac
Foundation. The international jury awarded the prize this year to the bionics education concept Bionics4Education.


With Bionics4Education, Festo wants to inspire learners with bionically inspired projects for STEM (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) and bionic work. The first learning kit, which will be launched in Germany and the USA in 2018 under the name Bionics Kit, is aimed at pupils between the ages of 14 and 18 in grammar schools. The interdisciplinary learning concept can be integrated into the subjects of biology, natural sciences and technology as well as various subject groups in everyday school life on project days or individual events. The learning kit Bionics Kit has now been successfully selected as the winner of the 18th Worlddidac Award. The jury, consisting of teachers and experts from the area of education, focused on basic pedagogical and didactic aspects, educational value, design and sustainability of the products when awarding the prize.

Bionics4Education connects the world of bionics with the education sector. At the same time, bionics serves as a link between biology and engineering. This makes it a perfect complement to any integrative STEM education programme, as it illustrates key qualifications and individual career prospects for technology-oriented working environments in an age-appropriate and experience-oriented manner.

The Bionics Kit combines hands-on training and digital learning
The bionics learning kit contains material for three different bionically inspired projects. An accompanying online learning environment with helpful tips enables the students to design their own specially created animal robots - fish models, chameleon grippers or elephant trunks - in order to control them easily via mobile devices.

Worlddidac Award 2018
For 30 years, the Worlddidac Foundation has presented the Worlddidac Award, an internationally recognized award for educational resources. On the one hand, the award wants to motivate the manufacturers of educational products to develop high-quality and innovative products. And on the other hand to support the continuous further development and thus the improvement of learning and teaching.


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Festo Press Image Award ceremony Worlddidac Award 2018 The award ceremony took place on 07 November 2018 as part of Worlddidac / Swissdidac Bern (Image source: Worlddidac)
Festo Press Image Bionics4Education_1 Bionics4Education: Holistic educational concept consisting of educational kits and digital learning environment (Image source: Festo)
Festo Press Image Bionics4Education_2 Three robot models can be implemented with one modular system - ideal for interdisciplinary STEM instruction (Image source: Festo)