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2/2-way proportional valve VPWS
2/2-way proportional valve VPWS 16.10.2019 Lightweight and compact, large flow rate

The compact design and high flow rate of the proportional solenoid valve VPWS make it the optimal choice for use in medical technology. It is also suitable for other application areas and industry segments in which gas flows of 5 l/min to 500 l/min at up to 6 bar have to be regulated.


White Paper
White Paper 07.10.2019 Considerations for choosing pneumatic guided drives and slides

This whitepaper includes information on:

• How pneumatic guided drives and slides work

• Pneumatic or electric? Where pneumatic excels

• Guided drive or slide? Which to choose

• Customization possibilities: bearings, cushioning and more

• Models for special situations

• Sizing the drive or slide for your application

Stopper cylinder DFST
Stopper cylinder DFST 23.09.2019 Well-timed stopping

The new DFST with cushioning is ideal wherever objects on transfer

or conveyor systems in the automotive industry, small parts

assembly, the wood or electronics industry have to be stopped,

separated or synchronised. The many versions effortlessly

handle heavy and sensitive workpieces, pallets, etc. – and at a

reasonable price.

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Proportional pressure regulators and valves VPPM, VPPE, MPPE, MPPES, MPYE and the new VPPM-MPA
Proportional pressure regulators and valves VPPM, VPPE, MPPE, MPPES, MPYE and the new VPPM-MPA For correct pressure and precise regulation
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