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Festo DGTZ PSI EN142458
Festo DGTZ PSI EN142458 30.06.2020 Compact and durable

Increasing our customers’ productivity is a clear objective of Festo as

a company. You told us where your pinch points are. As a solution

to meet your requirements, we have developed the space-optimised

twin cylinder DGTZ.

Compact cylinder ADN-…-C (ISO),
Compact cylinder ADN-…-C (ISO), 29.06.2020 Newly designed output

When space is tight, when saving every gram counts and when only

the most essential features are required, the ADN-...C is the perfect

fit. Its sturdy design to ISO and more than 350 variants in a wide

range of sizes, lengths and cushioning options make it an extremely

attractive option for many applications.

Round cylinders DSNU-S-..., DSNU-...
Round cylinders DSNU-S-..., DSNU-... 29.06.2020 Space savers - Ideal for small spaces

ISO standards-based DSNU or the smaller and even slimmer DSNU-S?

The round cylinder DSNU is always a solid choice when it comes

to performance and compact dimensions. Its universal variants make

it ideal in applications where low friction, chemical resistance or

corrosion resistance are required.

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Press article CEE September 2019 IO-Link
Press article CEE September 2019 IO-Link Connectivity in real-time


IO Link, and the Automation Platform Network - when a combination of networks becomes attractive

It is critical that suppliers of remote I/O systems can connect to the most important networks used in industry today. PROFINET, EthernetIP, EtherCAT® and Modbus are all common networks used in Industrial Automation but how does a manufacturer of machines standardise, when their various customers specify different networks in their factories?

Nigel Dawson, head of Business Development Electric Automation at

Festo explains.

Модульный контроллер CPX-E
Модульный контроллер CPX-E

Мощный программируемый контроллер CPX-E с EtherCAT®-мастером и функциями управления движением со степенью защиты IP20 разработан для решения задач заводской автоматизации и управления процессами, в соответствии с требованиями стандарта NAMUR NE21. Для применения CPX-E в качестве компактной и экономичной системы удаленного ввода/вывода предусмотрены различные шинные модули.

EMC - Checklist
EMC - Checklist General

A checklist to avoid EMC trouble


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