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Valve control module VAEM
Valve control module VAEM 27.11.2019 Precise switching of soenoid valves

The valve control module VAEM makes precise switching of solenoid valves easier than ever. Up to 8 channels can be parameterised individually. A temporary resolution of only 0.2 ms and the control of the valves via current – not voltage – enable extremely high preci­sion, e.g. for dispensing applications. The holding current reduction saves energy and minimises heat input.

Media separated solenoid valve VYKA
Media separated solenoid valve VYKA 18.11.2019 Extremely precise!

Whether dosing or operation with continuous flows is what’s needed,

with the media separated solenoid valve VYKA you can do both!

This powerhouse allows you to dose very small quantities with very

compact dimensions.

Servicevideo: what is this ?
Servicevideo: what is this ? 5.11.2019 service2see channel


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Angle seat valve VZXA
Angle seat valve VZXA Flexible in use

The VZXA easily adapts to the task in hand thanks to its range of variants, thus maximising flexibility and minimising the effort involved in designing your application. The carefully thought-out product architecture with its easy-to-clean design means valve bodies and actuators can be freely combined. The modular product concept makes it easier to modify and maintain systems without having to remove the entire valve.


Animation Angle seat valve VZXA
Standard NAMUR valve VSNC
Standard NAMUR valve VSNC The new NAMUR generation

The standard NAMUR valve VSNC is certified worldwide in accordance with the usual explosion-protection standards and can be used in many industry segments and applications. Its distinguishing features are a modern design, durable quality and fully tested technology and materials. The product also offers a very attractive price/performance ratio. This is what modern NAMUR valves should be!

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