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Adaptive shape gripper DHEF 30.6.2020 Gentle gripping

It was inspired by nature. Nature has come up with a solution with

which very different objects of prey can be grasped using just a single

principle. This principle can now also be used on your factory

floor and for your applications.

Festo DGTZ PSI EN142458
Festo DGTZ PSI EN142458 30.6.2020 Compact and durable

Increasing our customers’ productivity is a clear objective of Festo as

a company. You told us where your pinch points are. As a solution

to meet your requirements, we have developed the space-optimised

twin cylinder DGTZ.

Compact cylinder ADN-…-C (ISO),
Compact cylinder ADN-…-C (ISO), 29.6.2020 Newly designed output

When space is tight, when saving every gram counts and when only

the most essential features are required, the ADN-...C is the perfect

fit. Its sturdy design to ISO and more than 350 variants in a wide

range of sizes, lengths and cushioning options make it an extremely

attractive option for many applications.

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8071730 - VTEM-EN
Prírucka 8071730 - VTEM-EN System - Function - Parameterisation

Associated products

  • Motion App GAMM-A1 (8070377)
  • Motion Terminal VTEM (8047502)
8071843 - VTEM-MA08-EN
Description 8071843 - VTEM-MA08-EN Motion App - Pressure level - Function - Parameterisation

Associated products

  • Motion App GAMM-A0 (8073515)
  • Motion App GAMM-A8 (8072614)
  • Motion Terminal VTEM (8047502)
8071835 - VTEM-MA07-EN
Description 8071835 - VTEM-MA07-EN Motion App - Function - Parameterisation - Presetting of travel time

Associated products

  • Motion App GAMM-A7 (8072613)
  • Motion Terminal VTEM (8047502)
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