Supported systems:
  • EtherNet/IP interface CPX-AP-I-EP-M12 (8086610)
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Version 1.3.1


  • fix rx ethernet hang up
  • fix DHCP does not accept unreachable gateway
  • fix start of webserver (bug introduced with 1.2.2)
  • fix input glitches caused by internal locking
  • support for stored parameters (setup via webserver only)
  • FFWP signed firmware update
  • Inform diagnosis does not affect LED anymore (only forwarded to trace)
  • diagnosis origin checked more specific (fix IO-Link wrong diagnosis)
  • fix system start diagnosis placed correctly in trace
  • fix crash on overflow in trace ackknowledge mode
  • fix parameter queue overflow (start up parameter on more than 6 4IOL devices)
  • do not add diagnosis multiple times
  • add function to clear diag trace
  • fix resolve of diagnosis which are still active
  • fix resolve diagnosis of IO-Link module which occur before or during startup


  • display process data
  • display supply voltages
  • display cable length
  • fix communication timeout during refresh or load of parameter pages
  • add Modbus TCP Register View (Holding and Input Register)
  • sync between image and table view
  • show number of slot on hover over image


  • fix Ethernet Class interface status for autoneg attemp if there is no active link
  • fix setting outputs via unconnected requests to Assembly Class (0x04)
  • fix CT17 timeout issue with timesync (speed up internal request to other daemon)
  • firmware update only allowed if no connection is active or at least all are in IDLE state
  • fix module diagnosis assembly which has an offset of one module
  • add initial support for large configuration assemblies (>400 bytes)
  • add configuration assembly object (0x8C)
  • fix global status with module status assembly bit 0 (configuration assembly write in progess - bit)
  • add support for module specific configuration (selectable via webserver)
  • fix access to parameter class (0xF)
  • new limit for class 3 messages is 3994 bytes of data
  • reduce 512 bytes DINT fixed assemblies to 488 bytes for inputs and 496 bytes for outputs to fit limits of Rockwell enviroment
  • System Parameter Class (0x67) add Get-/Set-Attribute-All service
  • export L5X supported with large configurations, fixed assemblies
  • export L5X send system parameter even if no configuration assembly is selected
  • export L5X support systems with a lot of channels
  • send error response for an invalid CIP backplane request path (OMRON, extended link address with a string as port)
  • don't write configuration assembly twice if status assembly is activated on Rockwell
  • fix backplane identity (class 0x01) answer for catalog text (attribute 21)
  • fix ISDU access via CIP IO-Link port for second or following IO-Link master device
  • add backplane assemblies for 80 modules (was 40 before)
  • fix race condition if using application triggered and cyclic input data at the same time


  • clear ISDU data area with a read command
  • add command to use ISDU mailbox without byte swap (read = 100, write = 101)
  • fix access ISDU area setting last byte to zero on odd data length
  • add system parameter to register 14002-14004 (webserver/ snmp enable, webserver write access)
  • fix function code 2 (Read Input Discrete) for start offset not divisible by 8 (fix bit was always zero)
Version 1.2.2

Fix module diagnosis assemblies and registers (fix bug introduced with v1.2.1)

Version 1.2.1

Fix input glitches (both protocols - Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP)

Version 1.2.0


  • add support for IO-Link Profile (TMG Tool Support)
  • fix reset to default also reset gateway address
  • fix read topology file for large AP systems (>40 modules)
  • fix resolve module lost diagnosis after unfreeze


  • add images
  • add diagnosis
  • add identify


  • add backplane support (port 1)
    • identity class (x01)
    • parameter class (x0F)
    • module information class (x64)
    • status and diagnosis class (x65)
  • add support for CIP IOLink backplane (port 3)
    • Identity
    • ISDU Object (x10B)
    • Master PHY (x10C)
    • Device (x10D)
  • add support for slot assemblies (100 inputs, 101 outputs, 102 configuration, 103 status)
  • fix L5X export for input or output only AP systems
  • fix L5X export don't crash master if i/o data length > 512 bytes
  • change display format of L5X diagnosis state and code to hex
  • add service to connection manager to remove all connections at once (unfreeze AP system)
  • update ACD and IP configuration to met CT16 requirements


  • add IO-Link ISDU access via holding register
  • add diagnosis to input register at offset 5000