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Festo Automation Suite - Plug-in 28. 09. 2020 Plug-in for the configuration and parametrisation of the servo drive CMMT-ST

Fixed Bugs:

  • Error when saving projects (V2.0) with trace settings (trigger type: Diagnostics trigger).
  • Trace overview page loading very slow if many trace results are recorded.


Supported systems:

  • servo drive CMMT-ST-C8-1C-EC-S0 (8084005)
  • servo drive CMMT-ST-C8-1C-EP-S0 (8084006)
  • servo drive CMMT-ST-C8-1C-PN-S0 (8084004)
28. 09. 2020
PA-Toolkit: Library for CODESYS
PA-Toolkit: Library for CODESYS 23. 09. 2020 MTP compliant!

With the PA-Toolkit from Festo, implementing the automation logic of process engineering units and modules is really intuitive. You can also use the library for CODESYS to program applications without the need for more in-depth programming expertise. This is ideal for automating modular systems according to the MTP standard, which requires a separate controller for each system module.

Firmware 23. 09. 2020

Supported systems:

  • EtherNet/IP interface CPX-AP-I-EP-M12 (8086610)
22. 09. 2020

Top downloads

FluidDraw P6 Full version License required! You get it via the Festo App World.
22. 09. 2020
FluidDraw P6 - Installation and Licenses
FluidDraw P6 - Installation and Licenses
  • General Information
  • Quick start – local installation
  • System requirements
  • FluidDraw installation-scenarios - overview
  • Install FluidDraw
  • Clientinstallation
  • Install license server
  • Activate licenses
  • Check licenses in FluidDraw
  • License management
  • No license found when starting FluidDraw
  • FluidDraw Update
  • FluidDraw 365 Licenses
  • Setup parameter for central software distribution
  • Summary – Important instructions
FluidDraw P5 Full version (phased out in 2019) Requires licence!
21. 02. 2020
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