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Valve and valve terminal series VG
Valve and valve terminal series VG

Small, compact and have high flow rates. They are available

in individual valves and fieldbus-compatible valve terminals. Ideal

for all price-sensitive applications.

Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX.
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX. Automation platform

CPX is ideal as automation platform, valve terminal partner or remote I/O - it is electric, open and direct. It is also the perfect platform for electrical peripherals. With CPX, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards.

Wafer cleaning using the strip and spin process
Wafer cleaning using the strip and spin process Brief application example

Sample application





Toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA
Toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA

ELGA – the perfect solution whenever you need a protected guide.

The complete series of linear axes with internal guides comes

in many variants with toothed belt or spindle drive for impressive

dynamic response, speed and power, while the different guides

ensure it can be used in a multitude of applications. The ELGA is

available as an individual axis or as a complete solution for

standard handling systems.

Controlling cooling circuits
Controlling cooling circuits Brief application example

Controlling cooling circuits when manufacturing solar and flat-panel displays


Handling fragile solar cells
Handling fragile solar cells Brief application example

Sample application:

Fast, precise and fully automated handling of fragile solar cells

World of Automation
World of Automation Competency from single components through to control systems.

Our multi-part static system presentation comprehensively shows

• how Festo products can be connected to and integrated in various fieldbus and Ethernet protocols around the world

• how the communication hierarchies are related to one another

• and which networking and installation concepts Festo supports: for fluid and motion control for factory and process automation (FA/PA)

Product Overview Cleanroom
Product Overview Cleanroom Series products for the clean room
  • Tested to VDI 2083-9.1
  • Classified to ISO 14644
White Paper: Series products for cleanrooms
White Paper: Series products for cleanrooms

What is a cleanroom (definition, norms, standards)?
How are products tested for suitability for cleanrooms?
In which areas and applications are cleanrooms necessary?
Under which conditions are series products suitable for cleanrooms?

Vision sensors SBSI and compact vision systems SBO…-Q
Vision sensors SBSI and compact vision systems SBO…-Q Your productivity in focus: with industrial image processing from Festo

Machine vision systems from Festo make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the input and output are right. They monitor and stabilise processes, whether they’re reading codes or detecting positions for handling tasks. In some cases they even control the process itself. And they inspect quality from when the goods come in to when they are finished.


That makes your work easier. It makes your machines and systems more productive and flexible. And it further optimises the use of materials.


Find out more ...

Front unit - gripping
Front unit - gripping Product selection overview

Grippers with a variety of functions, designs and performance.

Air cushion plate ATBT
Air cushion plate ATBT

For contactless and scratch-free transport of flat-panel displays and photovoltaic substrates with minimum air consumption.

Partner for automation: Semiconductor, solar and flat panel industries
Partner for automation: Semiconductor, solar and flat panel industries

Solutions and products for:

• Wafer-based production of solar modules

• Thin-film based production of solar modules or

• Flat screen manufacturing

• Wafer production and front-end

Solutions for the solar and flat-screen industry
Solutions for the solar and flat-screen industry Wafer, thin film,flat panel – intelligent automation exploits potential to the full

Products and application

- wafer based solar module production

- thin-film-based solar module production

- flat panel production

Low-contact grippers OGGB based on the Bernoulli principle
Low-contact grippers OGGB based on the Bernoulli principle

The gripper OGGB quietly and

economically transports thin, flexible workpieces such as plastic

sheets, paper, or wood veneer. But it does so reliably and quickly too –

qualities that are in demand for handling sensitive wafers.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 From vision to reality – Status 2019

Many concepts from the past have been overtaken by the fourth industrial revolution: business models, partnerships, customer interfaces, value chains, and even the traditional automation pyramid – all are undergoing huge change. As an innovator and trendsetter in fieldbus technology, Festo will make a major contribution to reshaping the future with new concepts for Industry 4.0.

Highlights 2019
Highlights 2019 Digitalisation – the key to increased productivity

With this issue of Highlights 2019, you are holding a kind of compass

in your hand. It will show you where the path with Festo might take

you this year.

You will see the first results in our core product range. Numerous new

components like the mini slide DGST or the compact cylinder ADN-S

are useful additions to the portfolio.

A central theme for us is connectivity at all possible levels:

mechanical, electrical and software.

Safety engineering guidelines
Safety engineering guidelines Pneumatic and electric solutions
Safety@Festo Poster
Safety@Festo Poster
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