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Documentation CPX-AP-I-SYS-EN 4. 07. 2019 Operating - Automatisierungssystem

Associated products

  • Control System YCCP (8061000)
  • digital input module CPX-AP-I-8DI-M12-5P (8086602)
  • digital input module CPX-AP-I-8DI-M8-3P (8086600)
  • digital input/output module CPX-AP-I-4DI4DO-M12-5P (8086603)
  • digital input/output module CPX-AP-I-4DI4DO-M8-3P (8086601)
  • Electrical interface VAEM-L1-S-12-AP (8081922)
  • Electrical interface VAEM-L1-S-24-AP (8081923)
  • PROFINET interface CPX-AP-I-PN-M12 (8086607)
  • Valve terminal VTUG (573606)
Short documentation CPX-FB39-EN 7. 01. 2019 Bus node - Sercos III

Associated products

  • Bus node CPX-FB39 (2093101)
ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality
ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality 26. 11. 2018 Strong fl ow rate!

The VTSA is ideal for maximum pneumatic and electrical function integration. Especially innovative is the mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal, without the need for an adapter plate up to size 2! The VTSA is fully compliant with ISO 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 – yet is easy to integrate. It can be used as a complete installation solution for large-scale machine concepts. And is also available as a fl ow-optimised version VTSA-F.

Top downloads

Valve terminal MPA – 3 variants, 3 x excellent
Valve terminal MPA – 3 variants, 3 x excellent Highly communicative!

Maximum function integration, many electrical connection options,

multi-pin plug, Festo I-Port, fi eldbus and a comprehensive diagnostics concept: that is the MPA. And it is extremely compact and has the latest valve technology.

  • New: MPA-C – hygienic
  • MPA-L – highly modular
  • MPA-S – communicative and with many functions


Automation with function integration
Automation with function integration The pneumatic and electrical modules of the valve terminal CPX/MPA/VTSA

An overview of the automation platform CPX



Single-platform solutions

• Digital and analogue standard tasks

• Demanding I/O tasks with single-channel diagnostics and parameterisation

• Temperature, displacement and pressure measurement

• Electrical and pneumatic safety functions

• Integrated, comprehensive diagnostics and condition monitoring

• Subordinate, decentralised installation system


Combine these functions directly with the operating elements

• Pilot or process valves

• Control valves for cylinders, grippers, vacuum

• Pressure regulators

• Servopneumatic positioning systems

• Electric drives and axes


For control, choose from fi eldbus/Ethernet as remote I/O or the following front-end controllers:

• CPX-FEC (Festo mini control system)

• CPX-CEC (CODESYS controller with 32-bit processor,  400 MHz, CANopen master)

• PC Worx (controller for control environments from Phoenix Contact)

Motor Controllers CMMP-AS, for Servo Motors
Motor Controllers CMMP-AS, for Servo Motors
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