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Sercos SDDML

Sercos Device Description (SDDML) is used to integrate the CPX-FB39 into Sercos 3 host-systems. This package includes SDDML-Files for the bus node and for all supported CPX I/O-modules.

Supported systems:

  • Bus node CPX-FB39 (2093101)
  • Terminal CPX (197330)
  • Valve terminal MPA-FB-VI (530411)
  • Valve terminal MPAF-FB-VI (544397)
  • Valve terminal MPAL-VI (569926)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-FB (539217)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-FB-NPT (539218)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-FB (547965)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-FB-NPT (547966)
11. 06. 2015
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