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FMT - Festo Maintenance Tool 2019-05-20 CPX module catalogue update for FST 4.x and CPX-FMT

This update imports newer CPX modules into the module catalog of FST4.x and CPX-FMT.

Supported systems:

  • Adapter NEFC-M12G5-0.3-U1G5 (547432)
  • automation system CPX-E (5237644)
  • bus module CPX-E-EC (4080498)
  • bus module CPX-E-EP (4080499)
  • bus module CPX-E-PB (4080496)
  • bus module CPX-E-PN (4080497)
  • Bus node CPX-FB11 (526172)
  • Bus node CPX-FB13 (195740)
  • Bus node CPX-FB14 (526174)
  • Bus node CPX-FB23-24 (526176)
  • Bus node CPX-FB32 (541302)
  • Bus node CPX-FB33 (548755)
  • Bus node CPX-FB36 (1912451)
  • Bus node CPX-FB37 (2735960)
  • Bus node CPX-FB38 (552046)
  • Bus node CPX-FB39 (2093101)
  • Bus node CPX-FB40 (2474896)
  • Bus node CPX-FB6 (195748)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB20 (572334)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB21 (572221)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB34 (548751)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB35 (548749)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB41 (3228960)
  • Control block CPX-CEC (567346)
  • Control block CPX-CEC-C1-V3 (3473128)
  • Control block CPX-CEC-M1-V3 (3472765)
  • Control block CPX-CEC-S1-V3 (3472425)
  • Control block CPX-FEC-1-IE (529041)
  • controller CPX-E-CEC-C1-PN (4252741)
  • controller CPX-E-CEC-M1-PN (4252743)
  • Motion Terminal VTEM (8047502)
  • Terminal CPX (197330)
  • Valve terminal MPA-FB-VI (530411)
  • Valve terminal MPAF-FB-VI (544397)
  • Valve terminal MPAL-VI (569926)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-FB (539217)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-FB-NPT (539218)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-FB (547965)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-FB-NPT (547966)
Update 19
Firmware 2019-05-16 Motion Terminal VTEM

firmware for VTEM

Supported systems:

  • Motion Terminal VTEM (8047502)
Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management
Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management 2019-04-16 Faster and easier ...

Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management


Get digital. Now! The digital maintenance manager for production managers and system operators finally makes maintenance management paperless. Smartenance provides you with a clear schedule and evaluation for your system maintenance and offers a fast and easy transition to digital maintenance.


- Simple, clear operation thanks to clear structure and buttons

- Reciprocal checking by system operators and production managers provides greater reliability

- Faster processing via mobile, digital apps


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