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Commissioning software Festo Automation Suite
Commissioning software Festo Automation Suite 2018-11-15 Ready for operation faster!

The PC-based Festo Automation Suite software combines the parameterisation, programming and maintenance of Festo components in one program. It enables the entire drive package, from the mechanical system to the controller, to be commissioned. Perfect for making industrial automation simple, efficient and seamless.

CDSU USB IO-Link Master Tool 2018-10-17

CDSU-Tool PC software to use the USB IO-Link Masters CDSU-1 connected with IO-Link devices Features:

- View IODD files

- Configuration of parameters

- Monitoring of process datas

Firmware 2018-10-08 Motion Terminal VTEM

firmware for VTEM

Supported systems:

  • Motion Terminal VTEM (8047502)

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Where can you obtain CAD data for Festo products? On the DVD-ROM version of the product catalogue from Festo, you can find CAD models of the products in all standard neutral formats.Our online catalogue provides up-to-date CAD data for almost all ...
Festo Automation Suite - Plug-in Plug-in for the parametrisation and diagnosis of the automation system CPX-E

Fixed Bugs:

  • Not more than ten EtherCAT slave devices can be connected to an CPX-E-CEC-… in Designer
  • Error when copying and pasting two devices that are connected via EtherCAT
  • Consistency check wrong regarding the maximum number of modules


Supported systems:

  • analogue input module CPX-E-4AI-U-I (4080493)
  • analogue output module CPX-E-4AO-U-I (4080494)
  • automation system CPX-E (5237644)
  • bus module CPX-E-EC (4080498)
  • bus module CPX-E-EP (4080499)
  • bus module CPX-E-PB (4080496)
  • bus module CPX-E-PN (4080497)
  • controller CPX-E-CEC-C1-PN (4252741)
  • controller CPX-E-CEC-M1-PN (4252743)
  • digital input module CPX-E-16DI (4080492)
  • digital output module CPX-E-8DO (4080491)
  • IO-Link master module CPX-E-4IOL (4080495)
Festo Automation Suite Parameterisation, programming and maintenance of electronic devices by Festo

New Features:

  • English online help


Fixed Bugs:

  • Opening a Plug-in by double clicking the device in the navigator does not work
  • Access error message after Plug-in installation
  • Firmware file cannot be downloaded after the user interface language has been changed
  • Searching for firmware updates sporadically fails
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