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Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management
Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management 2019-04-16 Faster and easier ...

Smartenance – the app for mobile digital maintenance management


Get digital. Now! The digital maintenance manager for production managers and system operators finally makes maintenance management paperless. Smartenance provides you with a clear schedule and evaluation for your system maintenance and offers a fast and easy transition to digital maintenance.


- Simple, clear operation thanks to clear structure and buttons

- Reciprocal checking by system operators and production managers provides greater reliability

- Faster processing via mobile, digital apps


Highlights 2019
Highlights 2019 2019-03-06 Digitalisation – the key to increased productivity

With this issue of Highlights 2019, you are holding a kind of compass

in your hand. It will show you where the path with Festo might take

you this year.

You will see the first results in our core product range. Numerous new

components like the mini slide DGST or the compact cylinder ADN-S

are useful additions to the portfolio.

A central theme for us is connectivity at all possible levels:

mechanical, electrical and software.

Monteringsbeskrivning NEBV-S1G_K_LE_S6-EN 2019-01-17 Assembly - Connecting cable

Associated products

  • connecting cable NEBV- (8003577)
  • connecting cable NEBV-C1SW2L-P-K-10-N-LE2-S9 (8032627)
  • connecting cable NEBV-C1SW2L-P-K-2.5-N-LE2-S9 (8032623)
  • connecting cable NEBV-C1SW2L-P-K-5-N-LE2-S9 (8032626)
  • connecting cable NEBV-C1SW3-K-2.5-N-LE3-S9 (8032628)
  • connecting cable NEBV-C1SW3-K-5-N-LE3-S9 (8032629)
  • connecting cable NEBV-S1G25-K-10-N-LE25-S6 (575419)
  • connecting cable NEBV-S1G25-K-2.5-N-LE25-S6 (575417)
  • connecting cable NEBV-S1G25-K-5-N-LE25-S6 (575418)
  • connecting cable NEBV-S1G44-K-10-N-LE44-S6 (575115)
  • connecting cable NEBV-S1G44-K-2.5-N-LE44-S6 (575113)
  • connecting cable NEBV-S1G44-K-5-N-LE44-S6 (575114)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z3WA2L-R-E-10-N-LE2-S1 (8047675)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z3WA2L-R-E-2.5-N-LE2-S1 (8047676)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z3WA2L-R-E-5-N-LE2-S1 (8047677)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2-E-0.2-N-Z1W2-S1 (8047681)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-0.5-N-M8G3-S1 (8047673)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-10-N-LE2-S1 (8047670)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-2.5-N-LE2-S1 (8047671)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-2.5-N-M8G3-S1 (8047674)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-5-N-LE2-S1 (8047672)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-R-E-0.2-N-Z1W2-S1 (8047682)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-R-E-0.5-N-M8G3-S1 (8047683)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-R-E-10-N-LE2-S1 (8047678)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-R-E-2.5-N-LE2-S1 (8047679)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-R-E-2.5-N-M8G3-S1 (8047684)
  • connecting cable NEBV-Z4WA2L-R-E-5-N-LE2-S1 (8047680)
  • Control System YCCP (8061000)
  • Valve terminal MPAL-VI (569926)
  • Valve terminal VMPAL-MP-DL-001 (574006)
  • Valve terminal VTOC (564056)
  • Valve terminal VTOC-MSDLT-25V1-1H-Q8LA-US-Q4-A-3K-T (572831)
  • Valve terminal VTUB-12 (553983)
  • Valve terminal VTUG (573606)
  • Valve terminal VTUG-VI-EX2E (8060699)

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Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
Operating conditions and standards in pneumatics
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