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Battery manufacturing
Battery manufacturing


Partner for Automation: Festo offers solutions for numerous process steps in battery manufacturing

Copper-free pneumatic and electrical components
Copper-free pneumatic and electrical components Secondary battery manufacturing industry

Many of Festo’s products are inherently free of copper. For example guides are made essentially of polymer. In order to be able to offer customers who manufacture lithium-ion batteries as many components as possible from our product range, we have optimised products specifically for use in this field – and we have replaced parts that contain copper with copper-free elements.

Declaration of ingredients
Declaration of ingredients FN 940106 - Ban on / declaration of ingredients

Festo standard 940106 defines specifications for banned ingredients used in materials, as well as ingredients which are subject to mandatory declaration.

Stainless steel fittings NPQR
Stainless steel fittings NPQR Focus on food safety!
AquaJellies 2.0 – Autonomous behaviour in a collective
AquaJellies 2.0 – Autonomous behaviour in a collective Bionic technology carriers for the water technology sector

The artificial jellyfish have an intelligent, adaptive mechanism and are equipped with an electric drive unit. Their integrated communication and sensor technology plus the real-time diagnostics enable a coordinated, collective behaviour even in a limited space.

trends in automation 1.2018
trends in automation 1.2018 The Festo customer magazine

In focus: Changes

Switching direction, shifting times and play of light

trends in automation 1.2012
trends in automation 1.2012

Inspiration: Free from resources
Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Egon Müller, Chemnitz University of Technology

Compass: Environmental flight
Solar energy boost, cheaper batteries on the way

Synergies: Hungary drives ahead
The outlook is good for companies in the automotive industry

Cover story: Powering change
Ideas for greater energy efficiency

E-mobility: automated battery testing - WMG/Horizon Instruments
E-mobility: automated battery testing - WMG/Horizon Instruments Article from customer magazine tia 1.2018

The trend for electric vehicles is clear. However, their success depends on high-performance and cost-effective batteries. In the UK, the pilot project AMPLiFII at WMG is laying the foundations of a new generation of traction batteries. The project includes innovative automation technology from Horizon Instruments with a Festo pick and place solution.

Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems
Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems A whole new range of possibilities

Origins of the LabVolt Series by Festo Didactic

For the last 50 years, Festo Didactic has been recognized worldwide for the development of high-quality, intuitive learning systems for technical education.

Festo Didactic further strengthened its leadership position as a worldwide supplier of technical education solutions through the acquisition of the US-Canadian manufacturer, Lab-Volt Systems, in June 2014. Lab-Volt’s portfolio of products is now part of the global offering of Festo Didactic and is referred to as the “LabVolt Series.”

Electromobility and automation
Electromobility and automation Article from customer magazine tia 1.2018

Electromobility is on a growth course worldwide. It’s not just the streetscape that’s changing, the automotive industry markets are also undergoing a fundamental change. Corporations globally are investing heavily in battery production. Modern automation solutions play a leading role in this change.

trends in automation 2.2015
trends in automation 2.2015 Festo Customer Magazine

In focus: Communication

On featherlight wings
eMotionButterflies: ultra-light flying objects with indoor GPS.

Networked and intelligent
Industry 4.0: developments in the world of production.

Dr. Eberhard Veit talks about the role of people in the production of the future.

When the chemistry is right
Good communication speeds up the project with Boehringer Ingelheim.


trends in automation 2.2012
trends in automation 2.2012

Cover story: When things start to think - Intelligent products and processes

trends in automation 2.2011
trends in automation 2.2011

Inspiration: “You are your brain”
Interview with the neuroscientist Prof. Manfred Spitzer

Compass: Up and away
SmartBird: Aerodynamic bird flight thanks to active torsion

Synergies: Hidden champion
South Africa’s economy is on the up

Cover story: There is no end to learning
Strategies, tips and new approaches

Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Learning solutions for basic and advanced training

The guide includes both CE and non-CE products (from the LabVolt Series).

AquaJelly An artificial jellyfish with electric drive unit
trends in automation 2.2013
trends in automation 2.2013 The Festo customer magazine

In Focus: Time

Hindsight, insight, foresight


Decentralised control concepts
Decentralised control concepts

Installation and control concepts are influencing each other more than ever before, especially as we move towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is only through effective interaction between these architectures that modular, flexible and adaptable production concepts with decentralised intelligence, pre-processing, autonomous machines or subsystems, cyber-physical systems – in other words, smart factories – will be successful.

BionicANTs – cooperative behaviour based on a natural model
BionicANTs – cooperative behaviour based on a natural model Highly integrated individual systems to solve a common task

For the BionicANTs, Festo has not only taken the delicate anatomy of the natural ant as a role model. For the first time, the cooperative behaviour of the creatures is also transferred to the world of technology using complex control algorithms.

Factory Automation:
Factory Automation: Learning systems and services for basic and further training

Today’s advanced manufacturing industry relies heavily on mechatronics and automation technologies, making these technologies fast-growing career fields.

Handling systems
Handling systems The whole range: standard, compact, highly dynamic and application specific

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications, from standard solutions for common applications through

to customised solutions. In addition, our ready-to-install systems, software and support services mean less work for you. We support you from the design stage through to installation and commissioning.

BionicOpter Inspired by dragonfly flight

With the BionicOpter, Festo has technically mastered the highly complex flight characteristics of the dragonfly. Just like its model in nature, this ultralight flying object can fly in all directions, hover in mid-air and glide without beating its wings.

Process automation, Closed-loop control technology, EDS® – Environmental Discovery System
Process automation, Closed-loop control technology, EDS® – Environmental Discovery System Learning systems and services for basic and further training
MecLab® Technology for secondary schools

Automation technology in school

Automation technology is one of the most important growth technologies in the world. Automated systems are to be found in virtually every area of life today.

CyberKite Autonomous kite
Technology for education and science
Technology for education and science The current range of Festo Didactic products
Digital training programmes
Digital training programmes Well-prepared knowledge

Festo Didactic training programmes are flexible; they offer tutors room to be creative and increase students’ motivation. All our training programmes have the following features:

  • Excellent didactic and multimedia course topics
  • Scope for self-study during classroom-based training
  • Learning scenarios can be individually customised
  • Varied programme functions, such as a glossary, search function, notes
  • Can be used in conjunction with Classroom Manager
  • Can be integrated into training concepts which use other media (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Participant guidance
  • Monitoring of learning progress and certification
A surprise for chocaholics
A surprise for chocaholics
Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS
Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS Perfectly integrated!

The benefits of the new servo drives CMMT-AS and servo motors EMMT-AS are numerous: maximum connectivity of the hardware and software, great efficiency, clever engineering and easy operation. Dynamic motion and precise positioning, whether for point to point or interpolation, are additional plus points. Last but not least, the complete system is extremely quick and easy to commission.

White paper: Comparative evaluation of automation concepts for water industry systems
White paper: Comparative evaluation of automation concepts for water industry systems Tools for optimising life cycle costs

Energy efficiency and the optimisation of specific production costs are important commercial and business challenges which we must face for a variety of reasons. Energy-efficient technologies are often more expensive than traditional technologies in the investment phase. However, measures to increase efficiency and reduce life cycle costs (LCC) throughout the entire life cycle of a production plant usually pay off.

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