Solenoid valve VOVK

At a width of 5.9 mm, the miniature valve VOVK is extremely narrow and can be used wherever the MHA1 is too large. Depending on the type of connection, up to 20 valves can be connected in a row. With a pressure range of up to 7 bar or down to -0.9 bar in vacuum operation, the 3/2-way valve NC VOVK offers very high performance.
  • Very narrow: 5.9 mm grid dimension
  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Very low power consumption
  • Variable connection concepts: flanged connection underneath or at the front, barbed fitting connection at the front
  • Ideal for control of small air flows
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Only 5.9 mm wide!

Extremely slim and small yet high performing, with a pressure range of up to 7 bar or down to 0.9 bar under vacuum: ideal if you want to operate a large number of switching valves next to each other in a small space. The 3/2-way NC valve with a flow rate of up to 5.5 l/min can also be expanded to a valve terminal with up to 20 positions.

Suitable for many applications

For example in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) for small point-of-care (POC) devices, the miniature valves can actuate many diaphragms on a lab-on-a-chip cartridge that contains the analysis process and reagents. Or they can be used to control the flow of liquid in dialysis equipment in order to actuate diaphragm switches that keep the contaminated liquids separate from the system. The VOVK is a miniature all-rounder, whether as a pilot valve or for directly controlling small gas flows in the electronics or semiconductor industry. Thanks to an extremely low power consumption of just 0.5 watts and a switching time of 6 milliseconds a large number of valves can be packed tightly next to each other to switch small gas flows.

High-performance range

Its vacuum suitability together with a pressure range of up to 7 bar and a width of just 5.9 mm make the VOVK unique. There are three versions to ensure maximum application flexibility: with a flanged connection for assembling valves on a manifold duct plate, up to 20 valves connected in series, or as an individual valve with barbed connectors.