Paring down costs: energy efficiency

What does a pencil sharpening system have to do with energy efficiency? Quite a lot! In the “Experience Energy Efficiency” exhibition in the Festo corporate head office in Esslingen-Berkheim, the pencil sharpening system shows how one optimisation measure for energy efficiency combines with another one to produce an overall concept with impressive energy credentials through the reduction of friction and weight, recovery of energy, selection of the right components and efficient actuation and control.

Competitive advantage through sustainable production

Energy efficiency in automation technology has become a hot topic. But what concrete potential for savings can be leveraged? The pencil system answers this question. It sharpens pencils, prints them, transports them to a filling station, packages them in tins and transfers them to the warehouse. Using this demonstration factory, questions about integrated energy efficiency can be answered in a clear and practical way.

As a family company with a long-term outlook, Festo has been focusing on integrated energy efficiency for many years – in its own company as well as for customers. Always with a view to the entire value chain – from engineering through energy-efficient products to efficient system design and energy-saving operation of machines and plants in the sense of “green” production.

The exhibition also follows this four-stage approach with videos, interactive exhibits consisting of Festo products and solutions, and the depiction of sustainable services and solid training offerings. The message is that each area makes an equal contribution to finding an optimal, economical and perfectly coordinated automation solution. Good to give answers to the challenges of the 21st century, as they are depicted at the beginning of the tour. In particular within the context of resource scarcity, climate change and ecological footprint.

Integrated thinking, targeted action

Engineering for optimal system design

Using three different handling systems – pneumatic, electric and combined – station 1 demonstrates the total cost of ownership with different cycle times over an operating period of several years. Visitors can set the desired amortisation time and determine the most economical solution for them in terms of procurement and energy costs.

Products and solutions for greater energy efficiency

Decentralised valve terminals positioned very close to the actuators specifically save compressed air at station 2. But there is much more potential: animated pictures provide information about 11 additional savings opportunities. With a proportional energy consumption of 30% within the German industry sector, such measures are the future.

Services and further training as steering mechanisms

While station 3 focuses on Festo Energy Saving Services, station 4 describes the services of Festo Didactic. Theory and practice come together here in a sustainable way. Because knowledge leads to new solutions. Whether an energy-efficient screw compressor in the compressor block of a compressed air system or control commands for consistently improving the energy balance.

Festo energy efficiency: compressed air losses made audible

The recorder reveals the truth: special equipment makes audible even hidden compressed air losses that cannot be heard with the naked ear during operation. The Festo Energy Saving Services help you to find even tiny leaks. This results in very interesting potential for savings.

Together towards the future

The “Experience Energy Efficiency” exhibition underlines in an impressive way how Festo is constantly treading new paths in close dialogue with customers, suppliers, leading research institutions and other companies, as a separate innovation area shows.