Standardised and highly flexible?

Do you want to use the benefits of standardised production and still remain as flexible as possible? The Festo Motion Terminal provides you with a whole range of benefits along the entire value chain, from the conceptualisation to the modernisation of your machine.

Benefit along the entire value chain

The benefits of each process step


MotionTerminal: conceptualise

Reduced complexity and engineering costs, maximum standardisation

During this phase, you will create the basis for your system. The Festo Motion Terminal provides great support for this process, especially in the following areas:

  • Standardised platform concept for the system and its modules thanks to the product’s high level of flexibility. One valve slice provides the functionality of over 50 individual components.
  • Reduced complexity, as only one type of technology covers a wide range of applications.
  • Reduced engineering costs in the conceptualisation and development phase as the function is now linked to the Motion Apps. This makes adaptation, modification and concept design much faster and more flexible.
  • Lower follow-up costs for subsequent modifications: Since no changes need to be made to the hardware, the effects of the rule of ten are much less severe. According to this rule, the costs of an undetected error increase by a factor of ten for each phase.
  • Integrated protection of expertise: Regardless of the function of a valve in your Festo Motion Terminal, it will always look the same from the outside. Because functions are assigned via the Motion App, unauthorised parties will not be able to quickly analyse and identify the functionalities and design of your system.

Design and program

MotionTerminal: design

Faster design, minimised programming workload

Making up around 25–30% of the overall service life costs, this phase is one of the greatest cost pools in machine and plant construction. Using the Festo Motion Terminal will help you to reduce these costs.

  • Faster design thanks to fewer part numbers, fewer CAD models, simpler assembly drawings and clear interfaces.
  • Quick and easy function adaptation, even after design work is finished, thanks to the new ability to assign functions via the app without exchanging the hardware.
  • Space-saving solution as fewer components are required. For example, one valve can cover two proportional pressure applications – saving 50% on space.
  • Reduced programming workload as predefined Motion Apps and functions can be used, depending on the application.


MotionTerminal: procure

Shorter bills of materials, reduced logistics and warehousing costs

This phase involves requesting a lot of data, such as delivery dates, prices, supplier details and internal stock locations, then entering and maintaining it in the ERP system. The Festo Motion Terminal offers you the following advantages:

  • Shorter bills of materials, reduced workload and fewer errors as many of the additional components previously required for other functions – e.g. one-way flow control valves, shock absorbers and pressure force sensors – are no longer needed.
  • Lower costs for subsequent data administration and maintenance, as only one hardware component is required.
  • No repeat hardware orders when making modifications as any extra functions you require can be downloaded as software packages.
  • Reduced logistics and warehousing costs and a better overview as a single product can replace the function of over 50 individual components.


MotionTerminal: assemble

Reduced assembly workload and expense without cutting interfaces

In order to maximise efficiency, a system must have the highest possible degree of function integration. The Festo Motion Terminal gives you the following advantages:

  • Reduced assembly workload and fewer errors as there are fewer individual components to fit and assemble.
  • Simpler assembly as the interfaces stay the same.
  • Fewer function tests as the unit covers entire solution packages, such as Soft Stop.
  • Fewer leakages thanks to the "Leakage diagnostics" app which detects and locates leakages immediately. The risk of leakages is also much lower due to the reduced number of components.


MotionTerminal: commission

No manual settings, simpler configuration and parameterisation for complex solutions

For a system to operate optimally, all its components must be matched during commissioning. The Festo Motion Terminal significantly simplifies commissioning for you.

  • Simpler configuration and parameterisation for complex solutions such as the specification of travel times or pneumatic pressures.
  • No more manual setting and recalibration unlike in older processes where flow control valves have to be used to regulate travel speeds. This also prevents tampering.
  • Easy to manufacture identical pneumatic systems. The mapping provided by the digital apps is easy to replicate, and can be applied to other Festo Motion Terminals using parameter records. This saves up to 30% and means identical configurations can be used for different systems.
  • Self-optimising systems ensure minimal energy consumption, for example when there are changes in load.


MotionTerminal: operate

Quick system adaptation, energy-efficient system operation, reduced costs for spare part storage

A high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a prerequisite for maximum productivity and efficiency when operating a system. The Festo Motion Terminal will increase the productivity of your system.

  • Reduced downtimes thanks to fast reconfiguration and system adaptation without needing to change the hardware, e.g. for format change-overs, and flexible production in line with Industry 4.0
  • Improved preventive maintenance is possible because of apps such as "Leakage diagnostics" which can accurately detect leakages before they lead to machine downtimes.
  • More energy-efficient system operation and thus faster amortisation thanks to piezo technology and ECO apps. For example, using the "ECO drive" app for a 32 x 100 DSBC cylinder can save up to 100 euros in energy costs over the course of the first year (cycle rate: 2–3 seconds, weight: 0.5 kg, 2-shift operation).
  • Significantly reduced costs for stocking spare parts. For example, if we assume that the cost of a stock location is between 30 and 70 euros per year and component, the fact that the system integrates more than 50 individual functions means that it generates enormous potential for savings, as only one valve slice needs to be stocked.
  • Quick and easy system maintenance. The high level of function integration speeds up the troubleshooting process while at the same time reducing the number of potential sources of error.
  • Increased component service life. For example, the ‘Soft Stop’ Motion App completely replaces wear-susceptible dampers – and optimises cycle times.


MotionTerminal: modernise

Easier conversion, fast tuning, improved energy efficiency

Modernisation may serve several purposes, such as increasing system output, expanding the range of products produced or reducing operating costs. The Festo Motion Terminal makes modernisation quicker, easier and more cost-effective.

  • Simplified conversion and easy adjustment of entire series, as the functions are defined using software (apps). All you need to do is copy the optimised parameter records.
  • Reduced pneumatic energy costs with minimal modification effort: simply swap the valve terminal and use ECO apps. The drives remain unchanged.
  • Increased re-usability due to the high level of flexibility offered by using a single piece of hardware.