Flow sensor SFAM

Our modular air flow sensor SFAM is easy to integrate in service units. It continuously delivers absolute flow rate information and gathers cumulative values based on air consumption measurement.
  • Stand-alone device or combined with MS series service unit components
  • Supplies absolute flow information and accumulated air consumption measurements
  • Covers large measuring range with great precision thanks to high dynamic response
  • Large, illuminated LCD display
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Compact and quick to get going with a unique starting point of 1%.
For an excellent dynamic response and with flow measuring rates from 10 ... 1,000 l/min to 150 ... 15,000 l/min! The modular flow sensors SFAM-62 and SFAM-90 can either be used as stand-alone devices or are perfect in combination with service unit components of the MS series.

Reliable and convenient

SFAM provides absolute flow information with threshold values and is always accurate thanks to its extremely wide measuring range. The high-contrast display makes setting the switching point really convenient.


PNP or NPN? Whichever! SFAM can do both, simply adjust on site. Simplifies warehousing, reduces costs, saves decisions. Also adjustable: the standards DIN 1343, ISO 2533 and ISO 6358. This eliminates the need to convert the flow rate

Right or left?

The fluid flow of the unidirectional flow sensor can be selected: either from left to right or from right to left.

Flexible installation

The design of the compact SFAM is completely focused on saving space.

Easy to combine

With MS6/MS9 service units. Innovative V-jaw clamping system saves additional installation effort.