Drives with slides

Pneumatic slides

Festo pneumatic slides are pneumatic guided cylinders with a particularly compact design. To guarantee optimal cycle times and minimise the vibrations transferred to the machine, we offer pneumatic slides in a number of sizes with a wide range of mounting and cushioning options. Festo mini slides achieve a repetition accuracy of 0.01 mm.

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Operating mode of pneumatic slides

Pneumatic slides normally consist of one or two piston rods and a guide rail. These are guided in the slide housing via recirculating ball bearing elements or cage guides. This enables them to execute extremely precise movements with high repetition accuracy, even when subjected to transverse loads and torque. Pneumatic slides are mounted horizontally or vertically and always carry out linear movements, making them ideal for tasks that call for high precision and repeatability. They are an excellent solution for a gantry, such as on a 2D linear gantry with an X and Z axis. They can also be combined in gripping and feeding or piggyback configurations, in many cases without an adapter.