Air preparation combination units

Service units for compressed air

With correct compressed air preparation using Festo service units, you can increase the service life of your components, avoid downtime and machine failure and significantly improve your process and product reliability. Our compressed air service units precisely meet the requirements of your production, from standard applications to application-specific solutions that place extremely high demands on purity, pressure and flow rate. Thanks to integrated monitoring functions, you will always be informed about the condition of the compressed air filters and can control maintenance as required. Pressure, flow rate and consumption are therefore always how they should be.

Service units from Festo

Our "one MS worldwide" offers service units for every requirement, from simple standard solutions to application-specific ones for when the demands on compressed air quality are very high. The MS-B is ideally suited for standard applications. If there are special requirements for compressed air purity, including the high-end area, the MS series with its modular design is the answer.

Depending on the application, a service unit consists of a pressure regulator, various filters, a branching module and pressurisation and exhaust valves. The service unit ensures the right compressed air quality and filters out compressor oil, condensate and dirt particles from the air. These are based on decades of expertise and a clear understanding of the needs of tomorrow.

Selection tool for your service unit

Find the best service unit for your application. With our engineering tool, you can assemble the right service unit combination for your application. The tool uses typical application parameters to produce a recommendation for the air quality class and components. Alternatively, you can specify a compressed air purity class or assemble a filter cascade directly. If you wish to add any of our most popular service modules, the tool will recommend the right layout and size of the units in accordance with the required flow rate. The service unit component is pre-configured – oversizing is a thing of the past!

To the engineering tool


The size of the service unit components depends on the system's air consumption. Undersizing leads to pressure fluctuations and to reduced filter service life. For cost reasons, high quality compressed air should only be used where it is absolutely necessary. Branching modules between the individual filter stages allow the user to tap off compressed air of various qualities.