Servo press systems

Joining technology

Successful machine building no longer depends entirely on constructing systems using components, but increasingly also on process expertise and reliable subsystems.
The process of joining and press-fitting is much older than automated production technology. Automated processes with calculated parameters offer significant advantages: the reproducibility of force and speed during the joining or press-fitting process is much better, while the result ensures consistent quality.
Joining and press-fitting are key processes in the production of goods, and an important area in factory automation. That is why Festo now also offers self-contained systems in this field. We have many years of experience as a partner in the design and production of handling systems and drive solutions as well as expertise in processes. This enables us to offer exactly the right solution for countless joining and press-fitting applications, from low-cost components all the way up to a complete "servo press kit YJKP" package including software.
This means that oversized and therefore overpriced joining and press-fitting systems are a thing of the past. The solution we offer fits in precisely with individual requirements.