One-way check valves

One-way flow control valves

One-way flow control valves only restrict the flow in one direction; in the reverse direction the full flow is freely available. One-way flow control valves are used, among other things, to set the speed of pneumatic cylinders.

Festo one-way flow control valves for pneumatic actuators

The piston speed of both advancing and retracting pneumatic cylinders can be regulated using one-way flow control valves from Festo. This is achieved by reducing the flow rate in the exhaust air or supply air direction. The non-return function works in the opposite direction.

Below we present our highlights of one-way flow control valves from the Festo Core Range.

One-way flow control valve GRxA, GRxZ

The Festo one-way flow control valves GRxA and GRxZ have proven themselves time and again for their precise flow rate adjustment. The polymer-metal combination makes them light, compact and sturdy – and they are available as ISO and NPT variants.

  • Functional combination of one-way flow control valve and piloted check valve
  • Flow control valve, flow control at one end
  • Polymer, metal or stainless steel design

One-way flow control valve GRxA

One-way flow control valve VFOE

Compact, lightweight and easy to install – the one-way flow control valve for direct mounting on the actuator. Extremely easy to install and quick to commission

  • Low-cost solution for standard applications
  • Simple and reliable adjustment of pneumatic cylinder speed

One-way flow control valve VFOE

Support and service

One-way flow control valves from Festo provide optimum performance at all times and in every situation. However, should you ever need a repair service, we have numerous service options to provide you with the support you need. We help you to keep your processes running smoothly and without downtimes. When it matters most, we’re there right away to help.

Service and support from Festo