Piezo valves

Festo piezo valves

Festo has been using piezo technology for several years now, as its functionality offers numerous advantages. That means it not only ensures fast and precise pressure and flow control, but also boasts low particle emission as well as silent operation. In addition, piezo technology generates very little heat, as no more energy is needed once the valve has opened as far as it needs to. That is why the use of piezo valves is particularly suitable in spaces where heat must be avoided. Since piezo-driven products generally consume little energy and have a compact design, a high packing density can be achieved. That's why piezo valves are often installed in multi-purpose solutions.

The operating mode of piezo technology

Piezo technology works according to the principle of electrical voltage: two connected plates bend in a certain direction as soon as an electrical voltage is applied to them. Piezo valves use the bending movement generated by the bender actuator to open and close. When an electrical voltage is applied to the bender actuator, it bends upwards and the valve opens. When the electrical voltage decreases, the bender actuator returns to its original shape and the valve closes. The higher the electrical voltage, the wider the valve opens. With piezo valves, the air flow rate can therefore be regulated specifically, precisely and reliably.

High-precision piezo valves from Festo

Festo piezo valves are used in numerous industries. In addition to industrial automation, they are also widely used in the automotive industry, in food production and in medical technology. Of course, we offer different piezo valves to match your individual requirements. For example, you will find high-flow products with a very long service life for use with air, oxygen and inert gases, as well as high-precision piezo valves that are also suitable for use with nitrogen. What all our piezo valves have in common is that they are lightweight and consume very little energy.