Proportional valves for medical devices

Precisely regulating gases with piezo technology

Modern valve technology, such as for ventilator breathing devices, helps to save the lives of many patients. We are well aware of our responsibility and with our portfolio of valves for efficient regulation and control of medical gases and fluids, we offer you exactly the precision and reliability that are needed here – including maximum cost-effectiveness. In addition to solenoid valves, we often use proportional valves with piezo technology for these applications.

Collaborative engineering as a success factor

We work closely with you to bring your ideas for medical devices to life. Our products have been tried and tested in medical devices and can be adapted for your specific requirements. We know the challenges you face and have extensive experience in medical technology, which enables us to offer solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and ready to install.

Our portfolio ranges from standard products that have been tried and tested in existing medical devices to specific designs for medical devices that accelerate the FDA approval process, and we offer design, development and production within an ISO 13485 quality environment.

Perfect for medical technology: proportional valves with piezo technology

Piezo valves are ideal for regulating the pressure and flow of medical gases in mobile applications and those close to the patient because they are extremely compact, quiet and energy-efficient. Thanks to the material properties of piezo ceramics, no energy is needed to maintain a steady flow, but only to change the state of the flow. This prevents the build-up of heat.

Treatment systems

Oxygen therapy for mobile applications

In operation:
Small and lightweight piezo valves regulate the gas flows and pressure that dispense the oxygen in infinitely variable steps.

Stationary ventilation in a clinical environment

In operation:
Proportional valves regulate the flow and pressure.


In operation:
Piezo valves, media valves, pneumatic valves and proportional pressure regulators regulate and control the flow of fluids from the blood and dialysis circuit.

Surgical tools

Eye surgery

In operation:
A pneumatic control unit consisting of solenoid valves and piezo valves actuates the surgical tools, conveys liquids or vacuum-extracts them.

Regulation of fluid flows, gas flows and sludge at dental service units

In operation:
Switching valves, proportional valves, pumps and compressors for regulating fluid and gas flows and sludge from different and independent treatment instruments.

Medical equipment

Medical mattresses for hospital beds

In operation:
Piezo valves actuate the chambers individually to regulate the gas or pressure flows, quietly and with a soft-start function.

Further products available on request:

Miniature pilot valve VUVG to expand the MHA1 series

  • Holding current reduction optional
  • Suitable for use with gases
  • Degree of protection IP65 and IP40
  • Suitable for vacuum

Find out more about the miniature pilot valve MHA1 here (PDF)

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Proportional valves with piezo technology in medical technology
With a choice of various valve series with different working pressures, nominal widths, flow rate ranges and working temperatures, Festo offers you the optimal proportional valve for your needs.
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