Machine for wood processing in the woodworking industry

Automation in the woodworking industry

Every day, dust and chips take a heavy toll on your woodworking and wood processing machines and systems. You therefore need robust solutions that offer excellent availability, but which at the same time deliver top precision and flexibility. How can you best address these requirements while also ensuring production is cost-efficient? By taking advantage of our innovative automation technology!

Live! Automation solutions for the woodworking industry

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Wood - a natural and amazingly versatile raw material

Timber as a natural raw material is about as versatile as the production processes in the woodworking and wood processing industry. These range from entry-level to high-end machines, and from individual "batch size 1" production to mass production. But they all have one thing in common: they must be extremely cost-efficient.

At Festo, you will find solutions tailored to the needs of the woodworking industry:

Ever thought about using artificial intelligence?

Machines that only stop when you want them to. Production processes that optimise themselves and are thus more stable. Does it all sound too good to be true? Not if you make decisions based on facts that have been established using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The Festo Automation Experience will prepare you for preventive maintenance or even the optimisation and stabilisation of your production processes.

Pneumatic drives for the woodworking industry

Our drives are sturdy, attractively priced and reliable solutions. Most feature self-adjusting cushioning PPS, which saves you around five minutes of setup time. In addition, there are matching proximity switches, connecting components and tubing as well as fittings – including fully assembled into a complete unit.

From individual valves to digital valve terminals, Festo offers you the right solution for your requirements

Valve technology for the woodworking industry

A valve terminal offers an efficient means of integrating pneumatic valves and electrical peripherals. The shared power supply and control system require less tubing and fewer cables and are therefore much easier and quicker to install. We invented the valve terminal in 1989 and have continuously made it more economical and flexible ever since. This has included electrical inputs and outputs, safety technology, control protocols, diagnostics and condition monitoring as well as application-optimised and customer-specific valve terminals.

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Festo offers service units from individual components to ready-to-install subsystems

Service units for the woodworking industry

Extend the service life of your components and systems, and at the same time reduce unnecessary machine failures and downtime. Our MS series service unit combinations with their unique mix of sizes enable optimum flow rates with smaller sizes and lower costs. Available in pneumatic or electric versions, they prevent leaks and offer reliable stop and start functions. In-depth Festo expertise is evident in every detail and is a direct result of our integrated thinking.

Electric drives for the woodworking industry

Our range of servo motors and servo drives is specially designed for our toothed belt axes and spindle axes as well as for our electric cylinders – perfectly combined with engineering software and enhanced with complete safety solutions for mechanical and drive systems. Innovative software tools for engineering and configuration together with our automation platform and other integrated motion control solutions provide a virtually unlimited spectrum of solutions for industrial automation tasks, ranging from complete positioning systems to entire handling systems. Also available in electric versions or a combination of the two.

Servo motor

Servo motor EMMS-AS

As a powerful and dynamic AC synchronous servo motor with robust connection technology, the EMMS-AS is ideally suited to highly demanding applications

Servo motor

Servo motor EMME-AS

Reliable and powerful AC synchronous servo motor with optimised connection technology for dynamic applications.

Stepper motor

Stepper motor EMMS-ST

For simple positioning applications with reduced requirements: the durable series of stepper motors in two-phase hybrid technology.

Servo drive

Servo drive CMMT-ST

The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST positions and moves highly economically, dynamically and precisely up to 300 W, point-to-point or interpolating. It is also commissioned simply via Festo Automation Suite and integrated Auto-Tuning in the shortest of time.

Servo drive

Servo drive CMMT-AS

Compact servo drive for point-to-point and interpolating motion, suitable for various Ethernet-based bus systems and can be integrated directly into system environments of different control manufacturers.

Electric cylinder

Electric cylinder ESBF

With a dynamic feed force of up to 17 kN, the extremely powerful electric cylinder ESBF comes into its own wherever heavy-duty and reliable positioning as well as precision and dynamic response are needed.

Toothed belt axis

Toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-G

As a sturdy and very fast toothed belt axis, the ELGA-TB will master your tasks effortlessly. Its internal guides (recirculating ball bearing, roller and plain-bearing guides) and sturdy cover strip make it the perfect choice to handle even the toughest of applications.

Toothed belt axis

Toothed belt axis ELGR-TB

The cost-effective toothed belt axis ELGR with stepper motor offers you a reliable means of executing simple movements at high speeds.

Electric cylinder

Electric cylinder EPCO

Easy and dynamic positioning with the electric drive EPCO. Available in three sizes, with a ball screw drive and perfectly matched motor. Its performance can be further improved with the guide unit as an accessory.