Piezo valve VEMP

Lightweight and small piezo valve for proportional control of pressure or flow rate. Ideal for use in mobile devices, e.g. in medical technology. When combined with a sensor, it can be used as a control valve.
  • Very low power consumption
  • No self-heating
  • Low leakage
  • Highly precise
  • Operating medium: air, oxygen, inert gases, nitrogen
  • Integrated piezo technology
  • Long service life
  • Light weight
  • Mounting: on sub-base, on manifold rail
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Small, light, inexpensive

The trend in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine is towards ever-smaller and lighter devices. In mobile applications, for example oxygen therapy, the emphasis is on minimal power consumption, low weight and high reliability. The proportional valve VEMP with piezo technology is ideal for these requirements.

Operating mode of the piezo valve VEMP

Pressure regulation: 3/3-way valve
The piezo valve has two benders and three ports. A complete pressure regulation system can be set up with this compact solution. There’s one bender for pressurisation and a second one for exhausting. The third state is closed, thus maintaining the pressure. This is what it looks like in real life:

No heat build-up

The extremely compact proportional valve VEMP requires very little power at 1 mW: it maintains its current operating status even when de-energised, while very little power is required to change the flow rate. This means that there is no heat generation. At 20g it is very lightweight and thus ideally suited for use in mobile devices such as portable oxygen therapy units.

Proportional behaviour

The VEMP enables extremely precise proportional control of gas flow rates from 0 to 30 l/min, as well as pressure. With a switching speed of 15 ms, it can react very quickly to setpoint changes. It is ideal for oxygen/ventilation therapy, medical mattresses, ophthalmology and dialysis. The flow setpoint can be set using a DC voltage, which means that no pulse-width modulated signal is required for control.


The piezo technology uses a completely different mechanical system to solenoid valves, and is quiet in operation.