Proportional flow control valve VEMD

The dynamic and lightweight mass flow controller VEMD operates extremely quietly thanks to piezo technology. The integrated electronics and sensor record, control, and meter the flow rate of air and inert gases proportionally.
  • Compact module with integrated control electronics
  • Dynamic regulation with short response time
  • Mass flow controller (MFC)
  • Operating medium: air, oxygen, inert gases, nitrogen
  • Minimal power consumption thanks to piezo technology
  • Silent: ideal for mobile applications and those close to patients
  • Direct mounting via thread
  • Ideal for life sciences applications
  • Sustainable operation thanks to efficient control
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High tech at a low price

The trend in life sciences is towards ever smaller medical devices. Especially in mobile applications such as portable oxygen system devices, the emphasis is on minimal energy consumption and low weight. This is coupled with high standards for reliability and performance. A key technology that offers decisive advantages here is piezo technology as it is surprisingly cost-efficient.

Proportional control

The gas flow at the output of the mass flow controller can be adjusted very simply and controlled in linear mode by entering a setpoint between 0.2 … 10 V.

Dynamic and precise

The integrated control loop with thermal sensor makes the VEMD dynamic and precise. It reacts very quickly to a setpoint change and is almost immediately ready for operation.

Small installation space and low energy consumption

The VEMD boasts compact installation dimensions. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for installation in portable devices.


Thanks to the piezo technology, no pulse-width-modulated signal is required to control the flow rates, which means that the proportional flow control valve VEMD operates silently.

Proportional flow control valve VEMD in application