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Shut off valves and soft-start dump valves

MS seriesThe MS series has the most comprehensive range of manually, pneumatically and electrically actuated on/off valves and soft start valves in four sizes. The valves of the MS series are characterised by a high flow rate performance, integrable sensors and certified safety valves for safe exhausting of pneumatic systems. They are ideal for every application. The pneumatically and electrically actuated valves can be configured with and without an integrated soft-start function. There are also pneumatically and electrically actuated soft start valves as individual devices.Thanks to the modular system of the MS series, these valves are easy to install in service units.Depending on the configuration, they are also suitable for use in the potentially explosive areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as with UL approval.
D series, metalThe D series has a basic range of manually, pneumatically and electrically actuated on/off valves and soft start valves. They are available in three sizes.Soft start valves are available as individual devices. These can be integrated in service units using the tie rod connection system of the D series.
D series, polymerThe D series with polymer housing has a manual spool valve for selective pressurisation and exhausting. It is available as an individual device, but also in combination with filter regulators of the D series in polymer.
Individual devicesThe PVEL series offers pneumatically and manually operated pressurisation and exhaust valves with a pressure range of up to 50 bar.In addition, with the HE-LO series, Festo provides shut-off valves in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 147 "Control of Hazardous Energy" of the US Department of Labor.