Covid-19 Precaution Notice — Festo Response & Measures

Covid-19 Precaution Notice — Response & Measures

In response to rapid changes of the epidemic, Festo Taiwan has ensured uninterrupted customer service with the following relevant anti-epidemic measures of Covid-19:

Q1. Where is Festo Taiwan?

The head office of Festo Taiwan is located in Linkou District, New Taipei City. The sales offices are in Taichung and Kaohsiung.

Q2. Does Festo Taiwan launch work-from-home for employees?

Festo has prepared for WFH and/or Two-Shifts at any time according to the government's epidemic announcement. While ensuring the health and safety of employees, it also sustains the competitiveness of customers.

Q3. Does the work from home policy affect the delivery of goods?

At the moment, the delivery is normally operated. All deliveries come from the head office of Festo Taiwan, Linkou. Regularly disinfections and the floor control in the office are implemented.

Under Covid-19 alert level 3, the logistic department practices the Two-Shifts operation from Monday to Saturday to ensure continuous uninterrupted supply and service to the customers.

Q4. If the Covid-19 alert is raised to level 4, could the supply be guaranteed?

In accordance with government directives, Festo will apply for the permission of related industries to ensure the uninterrupted supply. Meanwhile, we keep continuously communication and coordination with customers and business partners. If any concerns about the delivery, the advanced stock arrangement is recommended.

Q5. Does Festo disinfect the goods before delivery?

Yes, all product packaging have been disinfected before shipment, in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers. The shipped goods are marked as "Disinfected".

Q6. Does Festo Taiwan have other Covid-19 precaution policies?

Under Covid-19 alert level 2:

  • Festo employees:

Employees are asked to check body temperature every day prior to work. If higher than 37.5 degrees, the employee should work from home and seek medical advisory. At work, everyone must wear mask all time, check temperature, clean the desktop with alcohol, and work in their respective office areas. In the meantime, regular working environment disinfection are practiced in all offices.

  • Visitors:

Customer and business partners (eg. Suppliers, Contractors) - For essential visits, please contact your Festo sales representative for the appointment in advance. All visitors must cooperate with crowd control and Covid-19 preventative measures, as well as avoiding group meetings.

Under Covid-19 alert level 3 or above:

  • Festo stops all the visits. Online meetings and communication are highly recommended.

Q7. What is the current status of Festo Taiwan?

At present, the vaccination rate of Festo Taiwan employees is higher than the total vaccination rate in Taiwan. Festo Taiwan has indeed made immediate response according to the epidemic prevention measures issued by the epidemic command center. If there is a suspected infection or a confirmed diagnosis of the person who is in contact with your company, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can respond in time to ensure the continued operation of both parties. In addition, the Festo Taiwan epidemic prevention team has also developed a business continuity plan, in which relevant contingency measures have been formulated for employees who are diagnosed to ensure the continuous operation of the business and uninterrupted customer service.

Contact window: Ms. Alexis Hsu, Human Resources Business Partner
Phone: 0905-662-963

Q8. What channels can I contact Festo?

Festo customer service center provide relevant business consultation and assistance for customers.Festo customer service center provides relevant business information and assistance for customers. You can contact us through multiple channels, including telephone, email, and fax.

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 17:30 pm
Linkou Company: Tel (02) 2601-9281; Fax (02) 2601-9286
Taichung Office: Tel (04) 2475-7278
Kaohsiung Office: Tel (07) 262-1206

Q9. How can I contact Festo, if I need to consult with sales representative or the technical support?

Under Covid-19 alert level 2:

Festo sales engineers and technical supports have equipped with Covid-19 preventative package. All are required to wear mask, take body temperature at least 2 time per day at workplace or when visiting customers as requested by customers.

Under Covid-19 alert level 3:

Festo sales engineers and technical supports use online meetings, emails, and telephones to provide services to customers and business partners. If any essential meetings required, it must be reported for approval before proceeding.

Under Covid-19 alert level 4:

Festo will stop all face-to-face business visits and meetings. All communication will be continued with telephone, email, and online meetings.

Q10. Is there a faster and easier way to purchase Festo products?

Via Festo Online Shop, you can enjoy various functions, eg. checking price and delivery information, creating a personal shopping list, downloading CAD files, and tracking orders after registering an account.

If you have any question, welcome to dial the hotline: (02) 2601-9281 ext. 1 to the customer service.