2019 China International Industry Fair

2019 China International Industry Fair

Innovation creates value

From September 17 to 21, Festo exhibited at the Shanghai 2019 China International Industry Fair. With three core concepts of Innovation, Value and Reliability under the theme of “Innovation creates value”, Festo displayed the efficient and personalized production system of Productivity Master in the field of electric drive and efficient solutions integrating pneumatic and electric techniques; Innovative pneumatic and electric products and solutions applying energy-saving module APP of Festo motion terminal (VTEM) for various industries; The automation platform CPX-AP-I seamlessly connected automation system and industrial IoT gateway. Superconductor technology SupraDrive, BionicSoftArm and BionicSoftHand were the stars of interaction for many visitors.

Onsite Highlights

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The Productivity Master

The Productivity Master, a modular demonstration system for personalised USB memory sticks from Festo, is showing how automation technology will evolve along the value chain when combined with digitalisation. The Festo automation platform provides an integrated and practical system to link all Festo engineering tools, components and solutions in hardware and software.

The demonstration system Productivity Master personalises USB memory sticks in four steps. The work steps involved are holding, moving, handling, rotating and positioning and identifying the workpiece position as well as identifying, separating, gripping and applying labels. Fast transfer to a label printer is carried out with dynamic servo motors EMMT-AS and servo drives CMMT-AS. The rotation functions are carried out by electric rotary drives ERMH.Holding the workpiece, turning and carefully positioning the cap and press-fitting delicate parts are done using the attractively priced electric cylinders EPCO and rotary drives ERMO.