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With the online design and simulation tools from Festo, you can quickly find the automation solution you really need. And if you require assistance, our worldwide network of service and support specialists is always available.

The right tools for every product

You will find further free resources and software tools to simplify the design process in the Festo product area. Together with detailed product information (including for CAD support), the appropriate tools for sizing, simulation and selection are conveniently assigned to every product by part number or order code.

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PositioningDrives – planning and designing electric drives

Create the optimum drive package quickly and reliably. PositioningDrives calculates suitable combinations of electric axis, electric motor and motor controller using just a few application details. It provides you with all the relevant data including the bill of materials and documentation for the selected combination. This avoids design errors and results in significantly improved energy efficiency for the system.

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Handling Guide Online – designing handling systems

Configure the right handling system, from a single-axis solution to a 3-dimensional gantry, quickly and easily with the Handling Guide Online. Just enter the axis definition, payload, etc., and in just 20 minutes you will have a perfect ready-to-order system. We supply it together with CAD data and commissioning files, either ready to install or partially assembled.

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Quick and easy – the configurator for process valve units

Whether you are looking for a manually operated process valve, a unit with a pilot valve and sensor box or with a positioner, the configurator will find the right solution in just a few steps, with correctly configured CAD data and documentation that you can download directly. As a result, you will receive a perfectly compatible and ready-to-install solution.

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Safety-related characteristic values for Sistema

Here you can obtain safety-related characteristic values of Festo components in the Sistema database format.

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For the safety of your systems, we offer solutions for safety functions, from functionally safe automation technology to safety concepts and on-site employee training.

Air consumption of cylinders

Determine your system’s air consumption quickly and conveniently. Simply list all actuators and pneumatic tubing, enter cycle times and working pressure and the air consumption will be calculated per minute and per cycle. The entry table can be exported directly to Excel along with the results.

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Product-specific application notes

Our application notes provide a detailed description of how you can implement specific functions and applications, such as integrating our products into your PLC or achieving a desired safety category.

Application notes can be found on the relevant product detail page under ‘Downloads and media’ in the expert knowledge section. Enter the part number or order code in the search field or navigate to the right page via the product selection.

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