Training for digital transformation

Training for digital transformation

We prepare you for the world of work 4.0

Digitalisation and new technical possibilities have an impact on many companies, and especially on their employees. Both new technical and organisational skills, as well as personal skills that were previously not seen as crucial, are becoming increasingly important. We help you and your employees to be productive in a new, more complex working environment and support your digital transformation with expert knowledge on the world of work 4.0.

Core elements of digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Core elements of digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Digital transformation: leading the way with a competent partner

The digital transformation can be described as the journey to an Industry 4.0 working environment.

We are the ideal partner to support and advise you on this journey. We know your challenges from our day-to-day experience of planning and operating our Scharnhausen Technology Plant. where numerous aspects of Industry 4.0 are already being used.

Our own application knowledge and our digital expertise are fully integrated in our training and consulting offer and thus represent an important support for your digital transformation.

Skills management for digital transformation

Skills development for the digital transformation

The digital transformation affects almost all job roles within a company, which means that job requirements are changing from the bottom upand tasks are becoming both technologically and organisationally more demanding.

Employees have to adapt their abilities and knowledgeto the newly required skills. As a company and employer, you must build up an awareness of goal-oriented skills development and support your employees with appropriate training.In addition to technical expertise, skills such as logical and analytical thinking, complex communication and the development of ideas also have to be enhanced.

Industry 4.0 quick check

Are you ready for
Industry 4.0?

Try out our free Industry 4.0 quick checkto find out!

We use 15 questions to give an initial indication of how ready your company is when it comes to Industry 4.0. We then recommend what action should be taken.

Are you interested in a more detailed and tailored analysis of the level of readiness of your company? Contact our consultants and book our Industry 4.0 assessment!

Our Industry 4.0 assessment is a great tool to analyse and determine the current degree of digitalisation in your company. We carry out a detailed analysis and discuss with you the top priorities and actions for your digitalisation strategy. This creates added value in terms of both efficiency and quality. We support you in further activities and provide you with comprehensive training for your digital transformation.

Excerpt from our worldwide offer of training courses on digital transformation

Range of training courses on digital transformation

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