Training formats and solutions

Training formats and solutions

Versatile solutions for automation technology

We fulfil your requirements with our targeted training and consulting solutions under the motto ‘From industry – for industry’. Practical learning is at the very top of our didactic concept, whether in public seminars or extensive programmes for skills development. Our wide range of formats ensures that your requirements are optimally met. You can also benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of industry and training trends as well as our innovative learning approach, which is based on specific job roles.

Versatile expertise

We offer training and qualification programmes on key industrial topics such as Technology , organisation and people . We see a company as a whole, which is why we believe that better performance and sustainable development can only be achieved through a combination of all three factors. Regardless of whether you need a basic seminar or task-related advanced training courses – our solutions are guaranteed to fit. Thanks to our knowledge of industry and knowledge transfer, we can support you in transferring theoretical knowledge into your daily work.

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Public seminars

Skills development in public seminars. Practice-oriented with the latest industrial components. You can also benefit from professional exchange with participants from other companies.

Select this format if you would like to train one or two employees on a specific topic!

Customer-specific training

Customer-specific training

Training ‘at home’. Benefit from training content tailored to your individual requirements, flexible training duration, free choice of dates and adaptation to your company’s shift schedules.

Select this format for the training of (smaller) groups or special teams.

Individualised training for different job roles

Individualised training for job roles

Individual, role-specific skills development programmes based on industry requirements. These programmes enable participants to become more efficient in their positions. They consist of several courses and – in the majority of cases – a project that includes exercises from the participant’s direct working environment.

We can also support you with cross-site projects: the same role-specific training for employees whose workstations are spread over several locations.

Learning anywhere

Learning anywhere

Learning anytime, anywhere. Combine new forms of learning – digital, autonomous, virtual – with practical face-to-face training.
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Consulting – optimising your processes


Our consultants optimise value creation processes, initiate the necessary changes, execute, monitor and evaluate them – always together with you, our customer. We want you to become independent and manage your optimised processes ourselves.

Actions speak louder than words,

and that is why we believe in practical training!

Classroom training improves the learning outcomes. In addition, mistakes during training are not a failure – trial and error are the best possible learning experiences! Only through making mistakes and then correcting them can new topics and processes truly be understood. It is simple: learning success is first achieved through practical experience and not only through observation and theoretical knowledge transfer.

Skills development for the digital future of your company

Megatrends such as digitalisation, together with versatility and adaptability, present current challenges in the production environment. We will show you how to deal with it and advise you on business strategies and potential opportunities. We use our experience from our own Smart Factory.

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