Festo: what makes us unique

Innovation requires freedom

What makes us a unique employer

Our more than 21,200 employees worldwide all have one goal: maximising productivity and competitiveness for our customers. We are a driving force for innovation and take responsibility for people and resources.

Our employees are an integral part of our success story. And they’re writing their own at the same time. Working at Festo allows them to do just that. After all, innovation requires freedom. And security.

We give you a sense of security

An inventive spirit needs to put down roots as it's only when you have a reassuring sense of security that your mind is free to find the best solution. That’s why we act responsibly and have done so for many generations. As a financially independent and family-owned company, we have been growing steadily for almost 100 years – these are valuable roots that make for a solid base. At a time when the world moves a bit faster every day, we attach great importance to our values, our team spirit and a sense of trust. There’s no doubt in our minds: only inventive talents who feel at ease can develop their full potential. That’s for certain.

We give you freedom

Inventive talent needs freedom. Only when ideas know no limits can they conquer the world. Come to us for continuous renewal, our goal of being the technological and market leader, curiosity and innovative strength. All across the world. And this is exactly why we’re a glocal player: we give our employees the freedom to act locally, but with a global impact. You can be curious, learn to make decisions and give your inventiveness free rein.

Security and freedom are the two strong pillars that make us unique as an employer. It’s what our 21,200 employees all over the world appreciate as they use highly sophisticated automation technology to keep the world moving. There’s space for inventive talent, and a sense of well-being that comes from having a secure and solid base. Welcome to our world of work and your solid base for lift-off.

An excellent employer

Festo is not only a successful company, but also an attractive employer across the globe. This is proven by regular employee surveys and good scores in external employer rankings.

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