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Commitment deserves to be recognised

What we offer as an employer

Our employees are our competitive edge. They offer us their full commitment, allowing us to be successful and stand out in the market. That is why we focus on our people. We want to fly high – together with you.

Here is all you need.

Festo offers you more than a job, but also a career path fullfilling your dream and vision.

Adapting to Festo values, we provide our employees with a competitive technology platform and a clearly visible career development plan. We encourage innovation and the ownership. With employees satisfaction as a benchmark, we create an open, fair, and vibrant environment and atmosphere. We committed to bringing extraordinary work experience and career development to every employee.

We offer spacious, comfortable and bright working environment. We are people-oriented. In addition to competitive salary, we fully understand all the needs of employees from different levels. So we build a comprehensive and flexible welfare system: from commercial medical insurance to the Family Day; from interest clubs to gyms; from welfare programs to personal living gifts, we care and protect very employee with all these stable and secured platform. We would like to be your solid base for lift-off.

With Festo Value being ambitious and visionary, we are persistent on the way to realize our vision. As an employer, we are making fully effort to create a diversified and systematic career developing path: internal promotion, learning through rotation, talent management program, succession plan, management trainee program, etc. We support the development of each employee with a flexible, various, interesting and practical training and learning system, making individual development reachable and clearly visible.

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