electrical engineering-electronics-fundamentals


Mastering the fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics is a requirement in many professions and training programmes. Since the theory and principles of this topic are abstract and non-objective, reliable, practical experiments and proven courseware are prerequisites for efficient and successful learning.

Selected learning solutions for teaching the basic principles to a wide range of students:

Basics of electrical engineering and electronics

With the equipment set for the fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics, all basic experiments in alternating/direct current and semiconductor technology can be carried out and the basic circuits of the electronics investigated. One version of the equipment set also includes a measuring module. An extension kit is available to supplement the lesson with the optoelectronics section.

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Fundamentals of electrical engineering for metalworking activities

Basic knowledge of DC and AC circuits is also becoming increasingly important in mechanical tasks. Many functions and processes of complex systems can only be understood by having this knowledge. The equipment set for the fundamentals of electrical engineering for metalworking activities precisely meets this need.

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Introduction to AC/DC circuits in a case

The AC/DC learning system is a comprehensive and cost-effective quality solution for quickly improving knowledge levels of electrical engineering and electrical circuits with theoretical presentations and guided, practical laboratory tasks.

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For detailed basic training using real circuit boards:

FACET ® : a fully integrated learning system for electronics

The fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics are one of the four areas covered by the FACET® learning system. Sturdy circuits and the associated courseware provide detailed knowledge of AC and DC circuits, semiconductors, transistors and operational amplifiers.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Fundamentals of direct current
  • Direct current network theorem
  • Fundamentals of alternating current
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Transistor amplifier circuits
  • Transistor power amplifiers
  • Transistor feedback circuits
  • Control circuits for power supplies
  • Fundamentals of operational amplifiers
  • Operational amplifier applications

In the website section on this topic, you will find detailed descriptions and the training content for each board as well as information about the FACET® hardware and courseware.